Grandpa Had a Stroke

It was a “small” stroke, apparently most people should recover fully from such a stroke. I went with my mom to see him tonight. If they did one of the tests on me, I’d fail. I might be able to read what they wanted him to read. But asking me what’s going on in a picture, I’d most likely fail.

Nobody believes anything I say, so there’s no point in going to the doctor or doing anything.

Apparently dogs live in the moment, the reason they don’t stay upset about being away from their mom. I must live in the past then. I’d probably be dead if I lived in the moment, considering there is no moment.

If using Hugo, compress the public folder with the slowest option, GZIP works. Had to re-download Keka. I’m too lazy to use a terminal. I am terminally insane though. That costs money if you get it from the App Store. At least it would be worth money, non like Maxel, a download manager that can’t actually download anything

Well, I should probably watch the new Ancient Aliens. Something about storming Area 51.

After I save this, compress it, and upload it, and extract it, and move it into place.