If Gods are Aliens

Who is God? What happens when you die? Does Tonka still exist?

Gods being Aliens doesn't answer anything about dying.

The experience Josh Gates had, after taking a powerful drug, he said that life is put in a blender and recycled. He didn't go in much detail though. He didn't particularly like the experience. You need to go to a Shaman to get that drug. And it can kill you. You also might puke and/or shit after taking it. Probably before you have any experience. That sounds like reincarnation. But not enough details he provided to know for sure.

And that drug probably kills depressed people.

Seems like a waste of time, to make humans, if you just cease to exist when you die. You aren't teaching anybody anything, as they will cease to exist, therefore whatever you taught them, doesn't exist anymore.

Life is basically a punishment, if you cease to exist. People that knew you might be sad, and you learned nothing. Aliens must have a pretty shitty agenda, if all they want to do is watch people cry. Oh wait, that's why they invented psychopaths. Once everybody is a psychopath, nobody will care about anything anymore.

That doesn't explain "near" death experiences, they wouldn't of came back alive, they'd cease to exist. There's nothing near about it, they are dead. Their body is dead.

A guy that translated some ancient texts, claims Aliens made us, that's what his translation says. And after that, they traced everybody back to the same time he said in his translation. From the same female pre human. They of course rejected everything he said. Because most humans don't want us to be created by Aliens, for some unknown reason.