Zagg isn't a scammer

Possibly, ordered a battery case, their site said it was declined. But the fuckers took my money, they haven't bothered replying to my email yet either. Who knows if they will.

I emailed Cash too, hopefully they can reverse it. Enjoy your charge back fee.

If I don't get the money back, I wasted around $20. And I'll never use my Cash card again. Take the money out of it. It's not very convenient if you can't get your money back from scammers.

Why did Mophie let Zagg buy them? Their site doesn't work. Something on Google said debit cards aren't accepted, didn't notice that on their site. I even searched the sales terms for debit, and found nothing.

Oh wait, if Cash won't give me the money back, I can fuck them over too. Email the credit union and do a charge back on the transaction to the Cash card. I added the exact amount to my Cash card, which got it from my credit union card. Take the rest of the money out of the Cash app first though.

I got no order confirmation or anything from Zagg. So, how can I be scamming them? They said it was declined, and took my money and ran.

I won't be reordering it after I get my money back. I'd rather buy some cheap Chinese crap on Amazon.

Should of paid with PayPal, then I could dispute the charge, without emailing anybody.

It can take 24 hours to get a reply from Cash. Who knows how long from Zagg. They are probably waiting for the sale to be over, so I can't reorder it. Not sure how that helps them.

Maybe, they will think I'll fall for their scam again.

If I paid full price, I wouldn't even bother emailing Zagg. I'd go straight to the credit union, and say goodbye to my Cash card.

Who made WordPress slow? That is slow at updating posts. Guess, I need to delete all the shitty plugins, might as well delete WordPress too.

Not a scammer. It's a temporary charge. That might explain why when I click support in the Cash app, there's a temporary option, click it, and it says "This payment is temporary".

Zagg emailed me back. They thought I was ordering a replacement. Probably for their shitty overpriced screen protectors. I have a cheap screen protector, and it still works. The only bubble isn't on the screen, it's on the bottom right corner.

There could be debris aka dirt under the screen protector on the screen area somewhere. Don't notice it anymore.

I probably won't email them back. I'll be pissed if the complete temporary charge doesn't come back. I need to pay two more shitty bills, Philo is automatic, and there isn't enough on my cash card for it.

I spent $15 or so at Safeway, no food stamps till the 8th. They should give me more, or give me it on the 1st.

Why does it say "complete", if it's "temporary"? Cause they like confused people throwing a fit.