They Say That Like Its a Bad Thing

It’s funny how when people might be livestock to Aliens, it’s a bad thing. But chickens and cows and turkeys and pigs being livestock isn’t a bad thing.

What’s the difference?

That was on Bob Lazar, the Netflix documentary. I missed a bunch, as I was in the bathroom puking.

It’s kind of boring. But, I’m going to watch what I missed anyways. Got to guess where it was before I was puking, was at my mom’s, and I didn’t pause it. It was also in her profile most likely. There was 11 minutes left before I went home. I missed more than that though.

Puking probably from not drinking any water today. Still can’t drink any water, the filter needed to be replaced, so refilling the pitcher now. Stupid water tester doesn’t work right, said 000 last time I checked, you are supposed to change at 006, it was 02x, don’t remember exactly. I tested it, because I was drinking some, and it tasted horrible.

The water started tasting bad a while ago, but the useless tester said 000, taste is more reliable than the “tester”.

If I’m livestock, I better keep eating unhealthy. They won’t want me.