Mac mini is plugged into UPS now

Get a PDU, not a surge protector, a cheapo power strip would probably work too.

You are supposed to rack mount the PDU I got, but I have no rack.

I plugged two external drives into the PDU too. The eGPU is as well.

I only got a load of 39% running a OpenCL Geekbench on the eGPU. Run it on my desktop at the same time, and I'd know if I need a higher wattage UPS. But a full load on both won't happen, I can't play a game on both at the same time. I can stream a game to the mini, but the mini probably won't be using much power.

What's the command to test NUT? Need to make sure the mini turns off. I'll just wait for the next power outage.

You can probably put the PDU on the wall too, if you aren't lazy. And know what you are doing.

I need to hook my 4k HDR HDMI switch up, it has audio out, might fix the audio out of sync issue. Or at least, it might not be as bad. It has HDMI Arc, so I shouldn't need to plug any of the non 4k stuff into it. Just need to configure the remote to turn the switch on.

Hopefully they sent the non surge protected PDU, otherwise, the UPS might get overloaded. I'd have to look at the PDU, it's under my desk. Is that a 6 or 5? It's supposed to be a 5. Probably the right one. I'm to lazy to get on my knees and take it up the ass. It's a five, no anal sex needed.

There's no room on the PDU now, thanks to the power bricks, I forgot to buy the short extension cables that are for bricks.

And the HDMI switch, I think is always on, there's a button to turn it on or off.