Mac mini keeps crapping out

Won't load websites in any web browser. Then stuff won't open, just says not responding. Yet, ping works. Accessing network shares in Finder works too.

I'd downgrade macOS, but then I'd have to reinstall everything. The backup is only good for what I have installed.

Maybe the soldered down SSD is failing. I didn't even finish paying it off yet. But if it was hardware, I can't imagine rebooting would fix it.

Maybe someday Apple will fix macOS Catalina. If they don't, then I'll downgrade, and never upgrade to anything. Or just say fuck it, and put Linux on it. At least it works. And isn't as slow as macOS.

Lame site, auto plays some stupid ass video. The content blocker doesn't block it for some stupid reason.

Time Machine no longer works, error 45. And where I'm backing up, isn't supported, therefore it doesn't work, except it's been working for months.

I had to force the mini off. It wouldn't reboot. Maybe it was doing a Time Machine backup, and now I lost around 200 GB of backups.

Should be fixed, restarted Samba on my desktop. The Apple support forum is 100% useless. You really think people aren't going to use non official backup methods? If you do that, you'll be stuck with an external drive plugged into your Mac. Unless you want to buy some other overpriced Apple hardware.

Maybe it isn't fixed, I was able to mount the dmg file. Before it said, resource temporary not available or something.

And it's backing up, very slowly.

Well, Google is useless, it doesn't find what I searched for at all. Not responding isn't the same as not optimized. Maybe Google should go read a dictionary. I give up on searching, apparently macOS Catalina works fine for most people, at least according to Google.