Mac mini seems stable now

Looks like all the crap I had running in the background, caused it to crap out. Apparently 8 GB of RAM isn't enough. There's still crap in the background, just not as much.

Don't really need the antivirus running in the background, it doesn't have real time protection. I use it for a manual scan for paranoia. Malwarebytes has bad practices, so I got rid of that.

I got malware from FileZilla, so now I'm paranoid. I got rid of that, and am using Cyberduck now. I should get rid of FileZilla on my desktop too, but I don't know of a different Linux FTP program. I thought FileZilla was the best FTP program, until I put it on a Mac. The App Store version might be safe, I won't use it either.

I had no idea FileZilla wasn't safe for the Mac version. In Linux, I use the one provided by my distro. I've used it in Windows without malware too. They must of just recently started infecting it with malware. Except, I haven't been using Windows for a long time, at least not as my primary OS.