More downtime

Appears to have been rebooted again, took 37 minutes to reboot. Or whatever happened, but uptime says around an hour of uptime. Same thing happened yesterday, and some days before yesterday.

The only way to find out anything would be by emailing BuyVM. I’m too lazy to do that. Also, I’m too lazy to switch providers. Most providers don’t offer DirectAdmin for free. And most providers with block storage charge more. There’s only one provider that’s around the same price, can’t remember if DirectAdmin is included. No guarantee it’s anymore reliable. If you want reliable, you probably have to pay more.

The Twitter feed on their Client Area, doesn’t say anything. I don’t actually go to Twitter, it’s embedded in the Client Area on the main page, you don’t even have to login. I don’t participate in social shitting.

Enjoy the free downtime, that’s included too.