No dog is fine with me

I don't want to schedule another dog's death in the future. If you get a service dog, you have to keep training them, or they'll forget what to do or how to do it. And that can cost $30,000. The training actually costs more then that.

Her ex is clueless about mental illness, he thinks it's a joke or something. He's clearly never felt depressed or anxious or anything else. He thinks $30,000 would only cost that much for a blind person's service dog. I'm not convinced anything is more serious then anything else. Being blind doesn't make you not want to live, unless you had vision and lost it, but then that's depression, not just blindness.

No idea why she is still with that guy, even after he divorced her for something she didn't do. He doesn't even care if the puppy falls off the couch. He just says "he didn't fall". He sure did. If you put him on the couch, you put him back down when he doesn't want up there anymore.

Since the dog is a a lab, they probably won't dislike him. Unless, the puppy gets hurt because of him.

On another note, Tonka may of acted like she liked him, but she was on my side about anything even if it's the wrong side. She cared more about me then anybody else. That's why she used to try and get in my lap when he was at her house and I was over there. She remembered what happened, apparently nobody else does.

I'd rather be depressed about Tonka dying for the rest of my short and shitty life.