Porkbun sucks

Nameserver is not authoritative for vanvalkinburgh.org.

I didn't do shit, I just wasted a ton of time trying to fix it. If it's not working tomorrow, I'll switch my domain registrar for that domain.

Nothing in my account changed, so I have no idea what the problem is. Searching Google for Porkbun problems results in nothing.

This site works for me, because of DNS caching, my local DNS server knows the IP.

Not a Porkbun problem. I wasted $10 transferring it to Namecheap. I rejected the transfer, after I got an email from Porkbun, and I believed them.

The DNS server wasn't configured. No idea how it was working for months after switching to Debian. The old config isn't compatible with Debian. You have to use /var/cache/bind, it won't work with /var/named, even with changing the permissions. I should have over $10 in my Namecheap account now.

Still can't figure out how the DNS was working for months. Unless, it somehow deleted the config.

Or there was a silent Bind update, that killed the old setup.

Looks like Nextcloud is dead. Can't access the DirectAdmin panel yet. And it's fixed, reinstalled the memcached thing for it.