Puppies are sad

The puppy is sad because they aren't with their mom anymore. Some people like me, will then be depressed, thinking how the puppy doesn't have a mom anymore.

And then thinking about the dog, that just died. That can't be replaced.

No dog for me. Since I don't know 100% what happens when you die, it's too depressing. One of the possibilities is being put in a blender and recycled. Basically, you and everyone you know, ceases to exist.

The only way to know for sure, is by a near death experience. Not really near though, it's actually dead. So why do they call it near death experience? Get rid of the near.

I'll probably have a near death experience someday. From the lack of breathing while sleeping. Except, in my case, I probably won't get sent back.

Enjoy your puppy, taking a baby away from their mother. You wouldn't do that to a human, or maybe you would.

If you ask her if that's mean, she'll say "No they are a dog and worthless". Maybe not the worthless part, but they might as well.

Your broken thinking won't change anything I think. You'll just get mad, because I won't turn into you.