Put in a blender and recycled

That's what happens to life. That means, Tonka doesn't exist anymore. Neither will me or anybody else. Only those with the knowledge of the drug/drink/whatever it is, that extends your life. There's supposedly people that lived 900+ years. A long ass time ago. Some in religion, don't remember what else.

That's how the psychos that run the US will keep on living and suppressing all info about Aliens. I'm not talking about Trump, he should try declassifying everything the government knows about Aliens. And you and he will see he can't do shit about anything. The president is just a puppet show. Elect whoever you want, it's pointless. If the people that really run things, don't like something, you can say goodbye to whoever you elected.

You'd hope that the psychos that run the US would die someday. They might, but probably not in your lifetime. Then again, one of them might turn on the others.

Seeing as we make it to Mars, and somebody nukes whoever is there, which will happen in my lifetime. Does that mean everybody will know about the life extending drug or whatever when that happens? Or maybe they don't have that.

Somebody nukes Mars in around 2040 I think. If the person that gets the future right 80% of the time is right again. She died sometime ago. She was blind, she went blind from being in a tornado. She claimed other beings gave her knowledge. I never got to ask her how I die. Boohooo. I bet it's brutal. Or fast, or slow and painful.

Or ask if I get married. The answer is no. I get ass raped instead. Or murdered by the men in black. For calling them psychos.

Knowing Aliens exist, is far more valuable then anything Trump does. Aliens could wipe us out in a blink of an eye. Everybody wants to believe they are the only life in a massive universe. Why would God create only humans? God would of wiped us out again, if we were their only life.

Some guy said a revolution was the only way to get the knowledge the US holds. Will he be right or wrong? I won't participate.

Politics are useless, they can't change anything high up in the US. They are just as bad as Russia, Trump even said so. Russia just makes it more obvious when they kill somebody.

When the US kills somebody, it gets declared as a suicide. Even though it's dead obvious it wasn't.

There's a ton of shows about UFOs and Aliens. Contact is the newest show, with good stuff on it. The government won't give anybody answers, apparently that resulted in more Alien/UFO shows.