She won't even look at me anymore

Not the person I was rude/an asshole to. Somebody else, that was acting like she liked me.

Be an asshole to one person, and then everybody else with her thinking, will hate you.

She does know there's more people then in this small building right? Most probably won't give a rats ass about anything she says either.

The only thing she'll accomplish is making me more insane, but that would happen rather she did anything or not. I happen to make myself more insane. I don't need her help.

So, if she can't have me, nobody can? Only one problem, that only applies to this building. I don't want anybody in this shitty building. The people around my age, must all be nuts just like me.

The only other thing she'll accomplish, is getting me to move. Maybe to assisted living, then I don't have to deal with housing, or Comcast. Won't have enough money for Comcast. Or this server. Or anything else.

Also, she isn't trans, therefore she's trying to trick me into dating a cis woman. No thanks. How do I know she isn't trans? She has kids. Another no thanks. I'd be the worst dad ever. So of course I was an asshole to her, two times. I won't fall for her trick.