Enjoy evolving without me. I don't like surgery, or anything implanted under my skin.

And everything will be cured overnight, at least mental illness, and if you are rich, the US is run by greedy inhumane assholes. That will be the result of Nerualink. I won't get that either, I don't want to know what my thoughts are, nor anybody else. And I'd die from an infection when they put it under my scalp.

Also, how can Aliens be telepathic without humans having any Nerualink or known thing? They could to each other, but not to us. Oh right, because they put something in us that can receive their thoughts. So, why are they remaking something that already exists?

Then when you are sleeping, you'll post some weird shit on the internet.

Also, there's already a thing called Shitter that does the same thing.

The guy near the end of the show, looks like an Alien. I'm not talking about the transhuman guy with NFC and other chips implanted, and horns on his head. There's another guy. I have no idea why you'd want to have horns, that's usually associated with the Devil.

The good news is, I have no connection to my ancestors, apparently you would want tattoos or other body art if you did. You'd have a connection to certain symbols or art. That you can't put in words or explain. I have a connection to dogs, but that's explainable, you just need one dog to get a connection and to know why.

Does that mean, I've never existed before? Since I have zero connection to my ancestors?

So, in my next life, I'll probably get dick tattoos on myself. Or people with tits and dicks. Except, there won't be a next life, blender and recycled, that means I'll cease to exist.

Can I go on Ancient Aliens if I get a tattoo of a woman with a dick? Oh wait, the answer is no, if the tattoo is visible, I'll get murdered.