What's wrong with China and Russia knowing Aliens exist?

I can see them knowing we have 9 UFOs could be a problem, but why Aliens? They won’t bomb us if they tell everybody Aliens exist. They could bomb us if they found out we have UFOs that work, or at least one that works.

There’d be no Storming Area 51 movement if they’d just tell us what they know about Aliens. Instead of lying over and over again. Anybody with half a brain knows Aliens exist. Apparently the majority of Americans don’t have half a brain.

Also, somebody that worked at Area 51, already told everybody that they have 9 UFOs, I’m sure Russia and China know, and probably already knew.

So saying China and Russia aren’t telling us anything, doesn’t matter, we probably already know what they know/have.

Also, the US is run by Russia, so I’d reckon that makes them our Ally.