ZAGG might be a scammer

I emailed them 15 hours ago, asking about my order. It's said "processing" since November 5th. They haven't bothered responding.

Lucky for me, I paid the second time with PayPal. I'll just dispute the charge if they don't email me or ship it. How long should I wait for a reply? Another week? It only cost under $30. Why did Mophie have to sell to ZAGG? They make overpriced screen protectors too.

I wouldn't pay more then $30 for the battery case. Might as well get a higher capacity USB battery, I have one. But a case is more convenient, and it has wireless charging, it might work with my Qi charger.

Do they make a lightning Qi charger receiver? They make micro USB and probably USB Type-C.

They had no issue replying to my email about my order being declined.

Since I'm lazy, I'll wait at least another week, before disputing the charge.

I did get my money back from the first declined charge.

Don't think anybody makes a backpack for your phone, that you can put the USB battery in. Or a clip. Or a case that has room for a USB battery.

ZAGG is a dick, they had no stock. They do now, but it'll be one to two days before they actually ship it. Assuming ZAGG is honest. They gave me a tracking number, that might be useless.

The tracking has the right zip code. Why did they make a tracking number before shipping it? Do it while you ship it, not a day or two early. Probably sitting in a box, waiting for them to ship it.