Sorry I'm Autistic

Do any ladies not mind dating an autistic man? Society frowns upon it.

You know who would? A trans woman, society frowns upon that too.

Now, I can say “Sorry I’m Autistic” to everybody. Instead of saying hi, I’ll say that.

Also, how can that guy be a teacher? In the Podcast. He’s not dangerous? As in assaulting people that are loud?

Well, shoot, it looks like I’m Insanely Autistic.

Apparently you have to go to Utah to get a diagnoses. Isn’t that my doctor’s job? Or did he quit?

Just prescribe four Zyprexa 3 times a day. How much is mine? 5 mg? So 60 mg a day, better make that 500 mg a day.

I’ll lose weight if they do that, I won’t be able to move anymore, that means getting up to eat. Might end up dead, but nobody will care. The doctor won’t even get a day in jail. The government will say “Good riddance to that scumbag that we give not very much money to”.

Now, go Make America Great Again, by voting for Trump in 2020. If it leads to a revolution, then Trump will go down into history books, as the president that caused a revolution. Except, the revolution will fail, he’ll just nuke em. Possibly nuking himself too. But, that’ll Make America Great Again.

Is that a good thing to be put in a history book for? Causing a revolution?