Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig

In Manjaro, I just had to switch to the stable branch, then run "sudo pacman -Syyu | grep "warning:". And then put all the warnings in a text file called downgrade.txt, and then run "cut -d ":" -f 2 downgrade.txt | tr -d '\n'", and then run sudo pacman -S copy and paste all the packages from the last command. That'll downgrade to the stable version, you probably will want to run "sudo pacman -Syyu" after it's done.

I was originally doing it manually, but got tired of doing it.

To lazy to figure out what package broke OpenGL. So I just went back to the stable branch.

If you are already using the stable branch, then you have a different problem.

The unstable branch gets updates, but doesn't update the dependencies, so you end up with a broken system.

Tried downgrading the packages I just updated to in the unstable branch, but that didn't work. Might of missed a package. To much work to manually downgrade. So I just switched back to the stable branch.

BackupDragon is unreliable

If you like "No route to host" it's great. I was trying to connect earlier, and it kept saying that. Woke up, and got an email my backup failed, the log says the same thing.

Anyone know a cheap backup solution that doesn't go down frequently?

It's still down. Time to email support.

Good idea

Don't buy a table. Wait till I have an extra $700+ in the bank, and buy a Mac mini. No thunderbolt on my computer.

When will they switch to their own CPUs? Then your Hackintosh will be a shitty ARM SBC. Unless Apple doesn't drop Intel support.

Apple could just sell me a macOS license, to install on my PC. I'd put it in a VM. I'm to lazy to mess with Hackintosh crap. Also, AMD complicates it.

I'll put it in a VM later. I'd be in bed, but it feels hotter then 72F. Maybe cause of the sweatpants I have on.

You don't need a special kernel anymore. That should make it easier. I won't boot any OS bare metal, besides Linux.

Where do I download macOS? No Mac, so it's a pain in the ass. I have an old macOS image. Maybe, unless I deleted it.

I found a download for it. But I'm going to bed. Also, I might not need to use Windows. I need to find how I got Clover to work in QEMU.

Stinky water

The two ZeroWater filter trick, doesn't get rid of the smell. The second filter gets rid of the awful taste, but not the awful smell.

If you pour the water in something with a lid, you won't notice.

Winegard CC-7870 All-Channel Coupler

Why does it have somewhat bad reviews on Walmart?

Works great, even with just one antenna. Apparently to strong of a signal will make your TV worse. Not using a booster without it may or may not fix it. A attenuator would probably accomplish the same thing, but it only has one use.

A coupler/combiner is a better deal, if you move, and you need two antennas, you can use it for that too. I'll still use another antenna with it, just to see if I can get the channels that I don't get. Well, I do get them on a different channel, PBS broadcasts on more then one channel, apparently KXLY does too.

If you get both of the channels, then you can have two windows open, and watch both of them. Assuming you have a HDHomeRun, or something else with two tuners.

Bad reviews, because they don't know how to use it. Funny made the picture worse. Where are they pointing the antennas? And are they the same. Based on the lack of information, they don't know what they are doing.

With just one antenna, it made my reception better. And what does the picture worse mean? Pixelated? I get that on some religion channel. That might be a VHF channel. Is there an antenna signal finder site that lists that channel? The site I use doesn't list it.

According to one site, I need a pre amp for some channels. Why not a signal booster?


If you use a amp with a antenna combiner, your signal quality will be shit, and some channels will have a shitty symbol quality. If you have 0% symbol quality, you can't watch it.

Only one antenna, was just seeing if it works with one antenna. Might of actually made the antenna better. Apparently better then a shitty signal amp booster thing.

Interesting, I might not need another antenna, the PBS I get, seems to work just fine now. Well, it might be doing what I can't remember what it's called, I think it does the opposite of an amp.

I didn't need a coax cable, found one. I'll use the new one if it ever comes though, it's probably shorter.

Maybe I'll get the other PBS channel with another antenna. Got to wait for that too. Should of bought one from Walmart. The other PBS channel is a little over 30 miles away. Might not be possible to get it with my antenna.

KXLY is how PBS was now.

Can I use the booster with the other antenna if I ever get it? That should fix KXLY, except it might of made itself better.

Wrong KXLY, the one on 13 is fine. But I need all of them. Do they have the same show on at the same time on both channels? If so, I can watch the same thing in two windows.

I have no idea what it's called. Saw it on a forum, don't really remember what I searched for either.

Well, it does have a slight signal loss. Apparently that makes it better somehow.

Found the forum, search for HDHomeRun bad symbol quality. It's called a attenuator.

a device consisting of an arrangement of resistors which reduces the strength of a radio or audio signal.

According to Google. So sounds like, that's what it's doing. Except, the signal strength might be higher then with the booster without the magical combiner.

He only responds if you ask a question

He was talking to me about something at breakfast, sent him an email later with more information. His response was nothing.

No idea why he took me out to breakfast, he clearly doesn't want to talk to me.

HDHomeRun Premium TV is shutting down

We will be ending the HDHomerun Premium TV service over the course of the next 30 days. All individuals currently subscribed to Premium TV will be able to continue their service until their current month of service has concluded, at which time service will not be renewed.

We want to thank you for your business, and we want to assure you that we are not done innovating. We are excited about upcoming plans for improving the cord cutting and cord shaving experiences.

Doesn't really say why. Could be the lawsuit against their provider, or the quality and missing channel issues. Or both. It already had not great quality, apparently some channels have even worse quality.

I cancelled some time ago, and switched to Philo.

What is cord shaving anyways? Shaving cords? That'll probably ruin them.

I should cancel Philo, I barely watch it. Then I can collect even more money every month.


Table I found on Wayfair is a little wider and longer

The pictures don't do the table justice, it looks smaller then my short card table.

It's on sale for $120. Will it be on Monday?

I measured with the Measure app on my iPhone. Measuring tapes are for rookies.

I need a taller table, so if I ever do anything to my computer, I won't need to bend over as much.

Maybe I'll wait till 2020 for a new CPU

I think there will be a new AMD socket then. AM4 will be supported till 2020.

Maybe wait till 2025, if I live that long. Think I got this CPU and motherboard in 2017, so it'll be 8 years by 2025.

Will quantum computers be out by then? If not, wait till 2030. Just keep waiting. See how long this computer will last. Might not be able to buy parts for it though. Should stock up on AM4 motherboards, CPUs, and power supplies. Maybe RAM too. Would be cheaper just to upgrade when the new socket arrives, if this one is dead.

mounting with "discard" option, but the device does not support discard

Does that mean TRIM isn't working? Or I forced it on?

It is enabled, even though it thinks it doesn't support it.

How do I get hddtemp to work?

sudo hddtemp /dev/sdc --debug

================= hddtemp 0.3-beta15 ==================
Model: ASMT 2135

If one of the field value seems to match the temperature, be sure to read
the hddtemp man page before sending a report (section REPORT). Thanks.

All that says is the model.

[cpp] { “USB: ; “, “0x0dc4:0x0281”, // 0x100: AKITIO U3.1 (SK2-U31AS-AKT) “”, “”, “-d sat” }, [/cpp]

Add that to "/usr/share/smartmontools/drivedb.h", if the file doesn't exist, run update-smart-drivedb. Doesn't fix hddtemp, or Psensor.

But at least I don't have to use -d sat when running smartctl now.

231 SSD_Life_Left           0x0000   000   000   000    Old_age   Offline      -       100

That's why udisks2 says 100C. It's should be reading 194.

    SmartTemperature:                           373.15000000000003

According to udisksctl info -d ID. Don't ask me how to convert that to C. Just converted it with Google, 100C, it's in Kelvin.

Good luck getting Psensor to work, you can't use hddtemp, it was last updated in 2006. You can't use libatasmart, because it doesn't show any drives. If you try running Psensor as root, it just uses udisks2, even if you change the setting.

I'd buy a MSI motherboard again

Might be buggy, as in removing support for video cards. But that was a NVIDIA card, and I don't really care if NVIDIA cards work on my motherboard. No official open source driver.

I'd buy a dedicated Intel video card, that should have an official open source driver too. Their driver might be better then the open source AMD driver. Depending on what AMD GPU you have, it can apparently be buggy.

MSI motherboards last longer then Biostar. The one I had, the USB 3.0 ports on the motherboard, didn't work, they had a disconnecting issue. I think there's problems with the 2.0 ports now. There's an add on USB 3.0 card, bought because of the broken USB 3.0 on the motherboard.

Before buying the 960 GB SSD, I should buy a taller table. So if I get a new Ryzen CPU, it'll be much easier to change the CPU.

Valve Index

Valve is making a VR headset. Since they are Linux friendly, it should support Linux. It'll cost to much, just like all of them. Also, VR might drive you more mad.


Fat ass lesbian?

Somebody was yelling insults at somebody outside. Heard something about it's their money. They then said they were going to gun down them and their kid or something.

Must not be any cops around, I'm pretty sure threatening is illegal.

They couldn't of been insulting me, I don't have a kid. Also not a woman, nor do I identify as a woman, so I can't be a lesbian.

I identify as a tree, I should of been born as a tree. I would of lived longer, and I can't do bad or good, so I can't go to Hell. I'd live till the nukes land though. Does radiation kill trees? Cause if the nuke doesn't land close enough, I'd be radiated. I'd die a slow painful death. Do trees feel? If not, I'd never know.

Red drink mix is nice

It'll look like there's blood in your shit.

Before giving a stool sample, drink some red drink mix. Your doctor will say you have blood in your shit, and you'll say "No shit".

Does that mean the dump was runny? Might of been, I'd need a magnifying glass.

Looks like I don't need a powered hub for my Pi Zero W

Not for a ethernet adapter, card reader, and a SSD in an enclosure. Now to copy the 500 MB dummy file to the SSD, to see if it stays connected.

I made the dummy file on the SD card.

The MiniPro enclosure, somebody said you need a power adapter if using older computers and Pi type computers.

Well, it copied the file, no disconnects yet. Must have a decent power brick for it.

Amazon makes a cheap mini USB hub, it's $7. I'll buy a micro SD card too, the Pi doesn't need a 128 GB one, or however big it is. Need that for when I restore my NAND backup on my Switch, the backup is 30 GB. And I'll need to make another backup, in case my backup is broken. I can then restore the non clean backup. Copying everything off the micro SD card in it, then formatting to exFAT is to much work. Faster to use a different card.

Copying an entire folder from the SSD to the SD card, to see if that'll make it disconnect. That's what it'll be used for, except SD to SSD. Stays mostly under 10 MB/s. As slow as those all in one portable routers.

And it finished. Looks like it'll work. Pretty sure something I read, said you'd need a powered hub for a SSD, or they made it sound like you would. A mechanical drive would most likely.

Will the rugged StarTech enclosure work with a non powered hub?

The power brick is only 1A. Guess all that stuff doesn't use much power, neither does the Pi Zero W.

Funny review on the Amazon hub, they gave it a bad review, because it won't charge stuff when plugged into a wall USB adapter. No shit, either get a four port charger, or get a powered hub, make sure you understand the specs on the powered hub, or you might be disappointed. A four port USB charger will work way better.

Probably don't need a hub, I forgot I have a two port hub, only need two ports.

Who's an asshole?

Me or him? I already know I am. And I don't care what they are.

That's why I'm single, to much of an asshole to talk to people, and I run away from them.

If I upgrade to the Ryzen 3rd gen

I'll buy a new motherboard, I want the new PCIe version. Will it bump the PCIe x1 to 3? Or just buy a motherboard with USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports.

Some old motherboards might support PCIe 4.0. That's good news, as I'm to lazy to replace the motherboard.

ROKiT IO Pro 3D Unlocked Smartphone

That's one slow phone, go to Geekbench, and it gets around 800 for single core performance. Walmart's site doesn't say what CPU it has, Geekbench does, "ARM MT6763V/B".

It's a Mediatek CPU, according to this, the speed is 2000 MHz, but Geekbench says 1500 MHz. CPU is from 2017.

My iPhone 7 gets 3520 for the single core score. The reason, I never need a new phone. Except, the battery won't hold a charge forever. And it doesn't have 5G, or 10G.