Think I read the Pi 3 B+ supports 1A on it's USB ports total

And my SSD only uses 0.18A. It supports 1.2A total. That means it has plenty of power. I doubt a card reader uses much power.

You can find the power info here.

I'll try using my one of my hubs with the Pi Zero, without plugging it into the hub into the wall. Might not work, because it has no ethernet port, I'm not connecting a monitor to it. They are great for headless servers. That's what SSH is for. There will be three things plugged into the hub, ethernet, card reader, and the SSD.

I have a USB thing that tells me how much power whatever you plug into it is using, then you plug the dongle into your computer or whatever.

If it works, I'll buy a cheap non powered hub, and just use the Pi Zero. That'll save me $60+.

Amazon really doesn't want me to find the enclosure I saw last night for $30. Can't remember exactly what it was called. Oh wait, that's what my history in my browser is for. More like early this morning. Search for 2.5" usb enclosure, and you won't find it. Amazon changes the results, so you can't find stuff. Pretty shitty of them to do so. StarTech has a rugged one for $33, put the 240 GB drive in that, and if I get the 960 GB, put that in the expensive one. It came with a shitty USB cable, according to a review, I use a Belkin USB Type C to Type A cable with it.

MiniPro 2.5" SATA to USB 3.1 (USB-C) External Aluminum Hard Drive HDD/Solid State SSD Enclosure

I was right, it has Mini in it. Amazon's shitty search found a RAID enclosure by them, and I clicked the brand name, and found the one I saw early this morning. No idea why Amazon can't find it.

If the USB cable that comes with is good, then it's better then my $50 enclosure.

But I'll probably buy the rugged StarTech.

Got to love tax

Won't be buying from B&H anymore, you have to manually file taxes since they don't charge taxes. If you are in Washington, you have to go to some site to pay your taxes. A lame $0.63 credit card processing fee too.

If you don't pay it, then they will charge you interest. So the less then $30 in taxes, will go to over $100. Sounds like a bargain, more then one of the items.

The Raspberry Pi 3 wouldn't require a USB hub

To use it to backup my photos. It has four USB ports. Wouldn't cost much more then one portable router/SD reader. There is a cheaper Kingston, but it might not work very well, if it copies the data to my device then to the USB drive.

Seeing if has a powered USB hub. And for not very much money. Oh wait, their shipping would kill the price anyways.

Tonka doesn't like Sofie

When we are at my mom's, Tonka gets or tries to get on the couch. Today she was also trying to get behind the couch.

Put Sofie outside, and Tonka started eating the food in the dishes, she doesn't keep eating it when I feed her. She lets Lilly eat it. Lilly was still inside while she was eating it.

Sofie does boss her around, and bites cats on the head. Sofie has been having issues since Chibi has been gone. She didn't even really like Chibi. Or at least she didn't act like she did.

The trip might suck because of Sofie. She might be acting better by then though. Tonka will be eating in a different room. Probably the room we sleep in.

If I ever get a dog after Tonka, they will be mostly border collie or lab. But I won't live long enough to get another dog anyways. Also, it's to depressing to get a dog, if you have to murder them, they call it "putting them down". But it's murder.

Kingston A400 SSD 240GB SATA 3 2.5” Solid State Drive SA400S37/240G

I bought the Kingston instead of Crucial, because Walmart only had the Kingston. The Inateck enclosure I have doesn't work with it, it gets a blue light, then after some time it disconnects, fdisk -l never shows it, but you can see it disconnecting if you type dmesg. I bought that in 2015.

My Neutrino AKITIO U3.1 (SK2-U31AS-AKT) enclosure works. Sure enough, TRIM works with that enclosure now. The SanDick drive I had in it, didn't do TRIM in that enclosure. Glad I don't throw anything away. I paid almost $50 for that enclosure. That was in 2016. What computer was I using then?

Not this one, I bought my AMD Ryzen CPU in 2017. I had to search my orders on Amazon. Apparently Google is deleting old emails. How do I still have the email from 2016, but not 2017?

I think I tried the enclosure with this computer, maybe.

I have it plugged into my USB 3.0 hub, so I won't be getting the full speed. Don't remember what the speed for 3.1 Gen 1 vs 3.0 is anyways.

dd if=/dev/zero of=tempfile bs=1M count=1024 conv=fdatasync,notrunc status=progress
1024+0 records in
1024+0 records out
1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB, 1.0 GiB) copied, 3.57418 s, 300 MB/s

dd if=tempfile of=/dev/null bs=1M count=1024 status=progress
781189120 bytes (781 MB, 745 MiB) copied, 2 s, 390 MB/s
1024+0 records in
1024+0 records out
1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB, 1.0 GiB) copied, 2.7492 s, 391 MB/s

dd if=tempfile of=/dev/null bs=1M count=1024 status=progress
1024+0 records in
1024+0 records out
1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB, 1.0 GiB) copied, 0.148143 s, 7.2 GB/s

After seeing the results, I don't care what speed I'd get in a 3.1 port. Apparently I was supposed to run the last buffer read more then once, to late, I deleted the file. And I'm to lazy to do it again.

What is the advertised speed anyways? According to Walmart, 500MB/s and 450MB/s. You don't need that much speed for pictures anyways.

I might just use my Pi for backing my pictures up when out of town. Then I don't have to buy a handicapped device. Also, as soon as I plug it in, if the WiFi is on, then it'll be hacked before I change the password.

That test is faster then copying from my WesternDick 1 TB drive to the Kingston, 125 MB/s, going up, but started out under 100.

I should buy the bigger one for Windows. But Windows doesn't need more space. All the games are stored on a 3 TB mechanical drive.

SSD prices must of went down, the 960 GB one is only $113. Buy two, and see if AKITIO has a dual 2.5" enclosure, it doesn't need RAID, software RAID is better.

They make one for $90.

Do any of those SD card reader/transfer things support ext4? If not, I'll just use the Pi. Don't want FAT or exFAT.

USB 3.1 Gen 1, has the same speed as 3.0. Should get a PCIe card. Oh wait, that would be x1 only, well 500 MB/s is enough. Is it version 2 for the x1 slot? If it's gen 3, then it's more bandwidth then SATA. It's version 2. And the Linux GPU will be running at x2 if I put anything in a x1 slot.

When do the new Ryzen CPUs come out? Buy one, and a new motherboard. And hope my RAM works in it.

Ran another dd, got 354 MB/s for the write speed, and 391 MB/s for the read speed. All I did was increase the size of the dummy file.

Almost shit myself

Got home, went to the bathroom, only farted. Then was trying to get my new SSD to work in an enclosure, the cheap enclosure is crap, I bought it in 2015 I think, the more expensive non plastic, non tool free enclosure works fine.

Then I was taking the dog outside, and I could feel it. I'm pretty sure this sugar free Hawaiian Punch is giving me the runs.

AC Outlet Portable Charger RAVPower 27000mAh 85W(100W Max)

Is it pure sine wave? If not, you might damage stuff if you plug it into the AC port.

Some of the brands I've never heard of, advertise it as pure sine wave. But the RAVPower doesn't say what it is. It's only $130 on Amazon.

Is the Bioenno Power pure sine wave? If you use the DC output, is it pure sine wave? Just get a converter.

Modified sine wave inverter

For the Bioenno Power. Look at the PDF. The more expensive one doesn't say.

The $450 one is pure sine wave, you don't need to look at the PDF to see, it's on the page. Sold, or not, I don't have $450. I might on Monday. Or Moonday.

I need it for the trip. Except, USB battery packs would work just fine, and I have one. Buy another one, for way less then $450. But you can't plug a laptop into it, that I don't have. You can't plug a TV into it either. Just strap a TV down in the van, and watch TV for not very long.

Go Power! 1500 Watt GP-ISW1500-12 Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverter

That's sold by Amazon directly. And more watts then the Bioenno Power. You can turn a laser printer on with that, but it'll be dead before you print. That says something about your battery bank or something supporting so many amps. Sounds like you might fry stuff.

You can get a DC to 120Vac power inverter. Do they make a 120 watt one? Don't need 1,000 watts. What happens if the watt is to much? 60 watts is all you need.

Bioenno Power has a 300 watt power inverter pure sine wave for $50. Says on request though. So you can't just buy it. And you'd need a fancy cable to plug it into the power bank.

Good idea, sell my bike, and buy the $450 one. Maybe the solar panel too, then it'll cost a little over $600.

If it's not advertised as pure sine wave, it isn't. Kind of pointless in buying then.

Why is Dirt 4 $60?

It came out in 2017. Should cost $30 max. It's available on Linux now.

I wonder if the new Atari will get more Linux games, it's based on Linux.

Borderlands 3

Will it be available for Linux? I think 2 and the one after that are. Yup, 2 and the Pre-Sequel are available for Linux, I have both of them. The Pre-Sequel isn't installed for some reason.

Rather have it on PC, because I get the online features for free, not the case with the PS4.

I never beat 2 or the Pre-Sequel. Probably won't beat 3 either, might play it for a while, then stop.

How did GBAtemp embed the video? There's no embed code on YouTube for it.

There we go, used the YouTube embed thing, you just need the URL.

Guns with legs, seems like a bad idea. Gun might shoot you too.

Bioenno Power BPP-120

Might buy that someday. Get ready for the end of the world. Except, I'll need a bigger one. Or just buy more then one.

I probably won't live long enough to need it, I'll be dead before the nukes land.

Don't buy on Amazon, only a one year warranty, from a third party seller. Buy it directly from them.

720 W-hr Power Pack (BPP-M720) that should do the trick, but it's almost 1k.

I can charge my bike with that, while riding it of course. Not the 720 W-hr one, that would be heavy probably. But the cheap one. Might be a bad idea to use the battery and charge at the same time.

Zoho Mail Desktop

Not really an app. Go to View, then Toggle Developer Tools. Looks the same as Chrome.

Basically they embed their site into a browser. Can I load other sites with it? Not easily, that is with JavaScript. It's a neutered browser.

Chrome version: 69.0.3497.128

How is it better then using Chromium? My Chromium is newer.

You can load localhost, if you have a webserver running. Put it in an iframe.

You may be able to get it to load something else by editing /etc/hosts. But then you will most likely send your login info to some other server.

I removed Zoho Mail Desktop, don't see the point in it. Works just as good in a browser.

Now to write a Python script to check the md5sums of all my images on my Slice

The filenames are different on the Slice, so you have to connect to the database, and get the path from the images table. The md5sum is in the same table. If it doesn't match, put it in a file, then modify my upload script to read that file, and re upload all the broken images.

That's from when there was a power outage at BuyVM. I never did anything about all the corrupted images.

Does the mysql-python not do what I want or something? They all say to use MySQL Connector. Well, I'm to lazy to look for the doc on whatever I have installed, so I installed the connector.

The filename isn't going to work. Easier if I put the md5sum in the file. Not all the original files have a different filename.

Might take a while to run. Will be funny if there's no bad files. I re uploaded some of the files, but probably not all of the corrupted ones.

According to the script, no corrupt files. That means not very many files were corrupt.

If you like Gnome

Switch to Gentoo, and you don't have to use Systemd. See here for info.

Does Deepin require Systemd? I think Manjaro does. Broken Systemd updates suck.

Apple should make their own search engine

And use AI, so you get relevant results. I'd do it myself, but I know nothing about AI.

Copy and paste an error message on Google, and you won't find relevant results. You need to be a rocket scientist to use Google. It doesn't understand English. Maybe learn some other language and see if Google understands that.

Proton mouse is still broken in Fallout 76

I wonder if the patches that broke the mouse, are in the latest Wine now too.

Apparently the setting to make the mouse work, has no affect with Proton.

The systemd update is broken

It fails at checking a partition. I can manually check it without any trouble. So it drops into emergency mode, if you type mount -a, then exit, it continues booting.

It's trying to check the /boot/efi partition. I also formatted it, and copied the data back, and it still can't run fsck on it.

So I downgraded systemd, and now it works.

Haha, they might of pulled that update. They must of pulled it, running "pacman -Syyu" and there's nothing to update. I still have the broken files.

I just spent a lot of time trying to fix a pulled update. Google isn't helpful. Just says my drive is failing. SSDs get bad sectors?

Kingston MobileLite G3

Searched Google for "RAVPower FileHub Plus alternative" and found out about the Kingston.

It's only $25 on Amazon.

It may or may not copy to your device, then to the USB drive. Either way it's slow, and your device has to stay connected for it to finish. It does get slower if you move farther away. That would imply that it does copy to your device first.

But I'm cheap, so I might buy the Kingston. Using the Raspberry Pi would be cheaper, except if it doesn't work, I won't know, or I will if it doesn't power down after hours of "copying", the script shuts it down when it's done. The only way I'd be able to fix the Pi, is if I use Hostapd, and connect to it by WiFi, then use a SSH app. If I can't connect, or it's not visible, I'm screwed.

Well, the same thing could happen with one of those portable routers backup things.

You can still buy 32 MB SD cards? Some article on Google, mentions that. And Apparently it takes 5-6 hours to copy 32 MB of data, with USB 2.0. That's hard to believe.

The RAVPower is probably better.

There's a new version of Proton

It's based on a newer Wine version. That means the mouse might work in Fallout 76 in the latest Proton.

Must have to update to the beta Steam to get it. It's selected, but trying to start a game does nothing, and it doesn't exist in the folder the other Protons are in. If that doesn't work, how do you tell Steam to download it?

Looks like you have to compile it. Good job Valve.

Nice, you can't use it without Steam now. And No Man's Sky doesn't open with the latest Proton.

It's using the system Wine. Just look at the running processes when running a game with it. I'll uninstall Wine and see what happens. Yup, it's using regular wine. No games open now.

There we go, Proton is downloading now. Go to the Library drop down, then Tools, search for Proton. It also put it in a different folder, not in my home directory.

Why isn't Dirt Rally 2.0 for Linux?

The non 2.0 is. The 2.0 one is Windows only. To cheap to buy either of them, the I assume old one, is $40, and the new one is $60.

Neat trick

If you try enabling Mail in the iCloud settings, and it says there's a problem creating the email you picked. You don't need to fully sign out of iCloud. Click sign out, then enter password, and click cancel on the next screen.

Try enabling Mail again, and sure enough it works. Then re enable Find my iPhone or Find my iPad.

Lame, only syncs the iCloud email, not my other two accounts.