Is there a cheaper mail provider then MXroute?

Using my Slice for a mail server sucks, apparently spammers want to hijack it, so they can send spam out. So it slows everything down.

Zoho Mail has a free plan? That includes your own domain? Apparently it is free, 5 GB per user. Why does it say it's free? It costs $12 per year per user. That is cheaper then MXroute though.

Haha, the free plan is different. And web only access.

They don't have a web based email client? Found the web email client. I was in the admin thing.

I sure like spending a small amount at a time.

Well, now that I have my own "secure" email, I can connect Gmail, and start only using my own email. It has two step verification. I send almost zero emails, so their minute limit doesn't matter. Or maybe not, only 5 GB of space. My Gmail is using around 3 GB. I don't believe in deleting email, even though it's mostly useless.

MXroute is better though. You don't need to make aliases or whatever it's called on Zoho, you get unlimited actual email accounts on MXroute.

Switched back to the official Mail app on my iPhone. Spark requires manually refreshing. Maybe Mail works better.

Bluetooth is a pain

I have to remove the adapter when not in use. It's a security risk. Everything that isn't a wire is.

Sucks on iOS, you can only disable it in software, not unplug it.

I can leave my loud ass GPU fan at 100% now

The only fan I can hear is the one behind me, to keep my apartment cool for the dog. Apparently the AC works when it's under 60F outside.

My computer likes it cool too.

But the fans might die sooner if I leave it at 100% 24/7. Then I'll have an excuse to buy a new GPU though. Can you use both the NVIDIA driver and the open source AMDGPU driver in Linux? You can have issues with the non open source AMD driver, and then switching to NVIDIA, and the other way. You have to completely remove the other driver.

Apparently it will work, with newer NVIDIA cards. There's a new NVIDIA card that isn't very expensive. Around $200.

What happens if you specifiy the bus ID in Xorg.conf? Like I already do for AMD? NVIDIA doesn't support the "BusID" setting? Does the PRIME thing work with NVIDIA? I don't want an X server on the other card.

I'll just keep my AMD GPU, and hope it doesn't die.

The campaign in Road Redemption is even more fun

Then quick race or whatever it's called. Once you die, you can unlock permanent upgrades, with the XP you gained. If you die the 1st lap, well you probably won't be unlocking anything.

You lose cash and anything from the store when you die. Also, your health doesn't restore itself, you can pay in the shop to get some health back.

Why would you buy Stardew Valley for iOS?

No multiplayer support apparently on the iOS version. Not that you need it. Are there bombs in it? So I can blow up my farm? So I don't have to farm anymore.

The PC/Mac version is only $15. For some reason people like that game.

There's a Linux version too. I can play it for free on the Switch, multiplayer would get me banned though. Just go to the Switch library, and borrow the game. I probably won't use my Switch till the open source CFW has EmuNAND support.

There's a new Atmosphère version btw. No EmuNAND, that isn't planned till 1.0.0, and June 15th.

Why doesn't she tell me when my laundry is done?

Shouldn't have to text her to find out.

Looks like I'll be buying lots of new clothes. And towels. Since I only have one towel now.

I'll make sure she doesn't do my laundry anymore. Not enough money to buy new clothes and towels every month. She never gave me one towel back. She gave me nothing back this time.

The Panasonic Lumix G Vario 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH is basically a 20+mm lens

It's sharp at f5.6 and 20+mm.

Hopefully outside I can back up really far, cause the 12mm isn't sharp enough. Just do the dishwasher test, take a bunch of pictures of the dishwasher, the big brand name text should be sharp, if it isn't, change the focal length and/or aperture. Might also be sharper at f3.5 or whatever at 12mm too.

The small text isn't sharp to my eyes with glasses on either, so I don't care about that. You'd need a telephoto lens to get that sharp.

I should sell my YI lens. Except, it has good bokeh. So I'll hoard it.

Oh yeah, the flash can also kill the pictures.

It's easy to get the SD card out if you use your thumb. No need to use a key. Or a fingernail, that I don't have. The people complaining about the small battery + SD opening on the grip, must have really fat thumbs or fingers. You just push on it with your thumb, and slide it up.

It's not a good interior picture if you can't read the brand name on the dishwasher.

Is Comcast throttling my connection? Slow at uploading. Or my slice is being throttled. Fallout 76 is downloading slow also. Not downloading it in Windows, that may or may not work. It might not like network shares.


Need to contact the housing people

I got a dangerous stalker, throwing stuff at my window. Woke me up, and I couldn't fall back a sleep. I didn't get up right away, or look out the window.

If you have a stalker, housing will find you a new place to live.

Do they have a camera in the front of the building? If so, next time it happens, tell the office. Will the office file a police report for me too? Maybe if they break the window. Since it is their building.

Just got The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for free

The OpenMW site said it's only free the 25th, which was yesterday. But their site says till the 31st. GBAtemp said it was only free two days ago. Their site said "yesterday" for the posted date and that was yesterday.

Looks like Lutris doesn't work. Won't open the Bethesda Launcher.

That sucks, I have to boot Windows to download it.

It downloaded, and installed to the wrong folder. I changed it, but apparently it installed to my SSD anyways. So I had to mount the Windows drive, and copy it to my games drive.

OpenMW works. Got to go to bed though. And the text is hard as fuck to read. Apparently everybody use to be able to read tiny text. Or they played it at 800x600, not 1440p.

Takes a long time to see the sleep doctor

There's a good chance I won't be alive next year. I'll only live to be 30. Well, then I know how I die, from the lack of oxygen. Unless I get murdered before then.

Steam won't open in Linux if the Steam Controller is plugged in by USB

Was seeing if there were any firmware updates. Something should popup if there is.

Guess my USB bluetooth adapter doesn't support low power bluetooth. I still have the dongle it came with. And the USB adapter says low energy. No idea why it doesn't show up in the bluetooth manager thing.

And it works now, plugged it into a USB 2.0 port on the front of my computer. Probably interference where the hub is. Or it doesn't like USB 3.0 hubs.

Why is the text on my dishwasher smaller to my camera?

Sitting in my chair, the text looks bigger then zoomed in at 100% on the image of it. I thought cameras could see more then people.

Can I get glasses for my Panasonic lens? If I take my glasses off, I can't see the text at all. It's a blurry mess.

18mm could be sharper, but the text is still smaller then what I see.

Funny, the lens is wider in the RAW file.

I tested every aperture from f5.6 to f16. The settings were mostly the same, just increased the flash power for the ones over f8. It doesn't get sharper after f8, f9 is mostly the same, after f11 it gets worse.

18mm f8

The picture on the fridge isn't sharp.

You can't see the aperture on the gallery, the privacy plugin kills all the EXIF info. I looked at the plugin, didn't see anything that would do that.

Is the text the correct size with my Panasonic 25mm? Or is it 20mm? It's 25mm.

I use the privacy plugin, so bots can't guess the filename, and view it. Only if it's public. I changed the permissions on the folder too.

The picture I took with my phone, is blurry, the text is on the dishwasher. If you zoom in. The text looks darker, not faded like with my camera.

You can get a USB add on card with multiple busses

Not the first one I found on eBay, it's been discontinued. You need an x4 slot, I only have x1 slots open. So it would be pointless.

Only two x1 slots, I could get two USB 3.0 cards, and put one in each x1 slot. Do they make them with one port? I could ignore the other ports on it.

And only USB 3.1 supports UASP? Wonder why some of my drives say they support that then, don't think they are advertised as USB 3.1. Also, smart works for some of my USB drives.

It only works with one drive, the one in the dock. What do you need smart for anyways?

Road Redemption gameplay video

You'd think they could do better for 2017, that's when the game came out, according to YouTube. But running into some stuff, like on the side of the street, doesn't make you crash. And the wheels don't exactly spin off road.

Must of selected the wrong sound card. I did disable the music, so if it had sound, I probably wouldn't get a strike. Music in games is forbidden. Even live streams. Unless you pay for the rights. You'd need a lot of money to do that.

720p is smaller then 1440p. And the smallest sized 1440p re encode I got, doesn't really look that great. No point in using that, if the quality isn't good. I have a shitty upload speed, and a shitty 1 TB data limit.

The Steam Controller is my favorite controller, it has triggers on the bottom. There's a controller config that makes one of them attack to the left, and the other one to the right.

Don't update dtkwidget in Manjaro

If you are using the unstable branch, and Deepin. If there's no Deepin updates, and you upgrade, the dock will restart itself constantly, it's crashing.

Checked Arch Linux's site, there's no newer deepin-dock. Some other dependency it has could require updating. There's a bunch more updates now.

I'll reboot after it's done, there's also a kernel update.

That didn't take long for the dock to crash, after rebooting. If I downgrade that package again, will it break any of the other stuff updated? So it looks like Arch Linux updates dependencies, but not what requires them.

VAAPI works with OBS Studio

If you have to video cards, and want to use the video cards the games are running on, start it with "DRI_PRIME=1 LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME=radeonsi obs". Not sure if the LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME is needed.

Oh and Window Capture doesn't work, it'll crash. Just use Screen Capture, and then make a shortcut to start and stop the recording. I recorded the menu in Road Redemption for not very long, just to see if it works.

Nope, still doesn't work using the other video card. Looks like I'll have to use my CPU. Didn't work with the CPU either, slow motion. Once the race starts, shortly after.

Might just need to use 30 FPS, SimpleScreenRecorder worked, but I left it at 30 FPS.

237.7 MB seems high for a around 2 minute recording. That's after recording to HEVC. Probably need to change the qp setting, apparently 30 isn't high enough. Maybe 40.

And why does Deepin Dock keep restarting itself?

Apple made a credit card

I doubt I'd qualify, doesn't come out till the summer.

If you pay it right away, or all of it before the due date, you might get 0 interest. I'd use it instead of my debit card, to collect credit. But I'd pay it off right after I made a purchase.

No new hardware today. They did announce a new iPad Air and iPad mini days ago on their site.

Pretty sure there was an iPad Air in the past, so they are reusing that name. Unless I hopped from a different reality into this one.

How much will their Arcade cost? Sounds like it runs on your device, because you can play offline. Looks like some fun games.

Wireless being insecure sucks

I was blowing dust out of my computer, and I ended up tripping on the network cables. Luckily nothing is broken.

Should get another switch with VLANs, and then just use the longer cable, it won't be up as high as the shorter one.