What happened to my left shoulder?

Woke up, and it hurt. Still hurts. Also, how would exercising help it? Walking doesn't do anything for your shoulders, that's the only exercising I know how to do. To bad I'm to lazy. Dog doesn't want to stay home alone, and she might not want to go either.

I'll get shoulder replacement surgery, if they'll keep me awake while they do it. So I can talk to the surgeon.

Bogus friend requests

They don't even try that hard, no their first and last name don't start with a capital letter.

Also, search for that name on Google, and you'll see they are in prison for life, for killing men. Must think I'm desperate and will accept any friend request. I doubt that's their real name, probably a guy that went to my school, I didn't do anything to him. So I don't know what his problem is.

Can you disable friend requests on YouTube? I'm to lazy to go to their site.

Don't plug a HDMI extender over IP into a HDMI switch

It'll make the delay worse. Just plugged it directly into the TV, and the PS4 into the switch. Now the mouse moves much better. Maybe driving in Saints Row: The Third is easier now. For some reason on foot, is easy, but driving was a pain.

The people getting a big delay, must have a very shitty setup, or a defective extender. I'm using a powerline adapter, so it should be more shitty then just ethernet.

Librem One

Comes with a VPN, and other services. So it's better then paying for just a VPN. It's $8 a month, no ads, no selling your data. I should signup, but I should wait till tomorrow.

If you pay, do you have to delete your Gmail? Don't know if I can change my email on everything.

The tunnel app says my login info is invalid. That was a waste of money.

You have to go to your profile, and click activate for the Tunnel.

Good news, it doesn't slow my internet down on my iPhone.

Can't use it on my desktop, says internal server error.

I should pre order their phone tomorrow. Except, it doesn't ship till Q3. Wait till June or one day before July 1st, then pre order it.

The Seattle VPN server must of took a dump, it kept toggling on and off, and said I was using LTE. Changed it to California, and it works now. Happened after I got off the phone, or while on the phone. Maybe automatic doesn't work.

I thought Netflix didn't work on VPNs? Apparently it does on some. So, if I leave the country, connect to a US server, I can watch US Netflix? Well, they are going to get a lot of business for supporting Netflix. Unless, it's not using the VPN for Netflix.

What shows are only on the Canada Netflix? I just connected to a Canada location.

Use the Mexico location, try watching Lunatics, and it'll say to turn off services or something. So, it's using the VPN for Netflix.

Librem One

DISPLAY=:0.1 mate-display-properties

I wouldn't recommend running that. Both monitors, or monitor and TV, will flicker. You have to turn the TV on, and close mate-display-properties. I was going to try setting it to 30 Hz, apparently not the lazy way.

Funny that both screens flicker. If you open it without that, it only shows my monitor.

The VMware Unlocker apparently slows Windows VMs down

I uninstalled the unlocker, and Windows isn't super slow anymore.

The SSD speed might be slow in VMware Workstation Player though. The first test it does, isn't accurate, the SATA Samsung drive isn't faster then my slow NVMe SSD.


Good movie. Mom was watching it. Wasn't watching it at first, so I missed a bunch.

Didn't really matter, the movie is easy to follow along, if you are insane. I don't get why people complain and say it seems like they've missed a bunch of movies when watching it. I could watch them backwards, and I wouldn't notice.

Being only halfway in reality, is great.

Apparently it's on Netflix. But I'd still rather buy it on Blu-ray. Then I can rip it to my computer.

You can record Netflix, there was a way in Windows, don't know if it still works. Windows is super slow in VMware Player, so I wouldn't even try. I'm to lazy to try using Windows in VirtualBox instead, and I hate Windows with a passion.

Is the $15 one on eBay, a bootleg? Eh, I'll just say I didn't know. Except, you can get the trailer for free, no need to get a fancy bootleg box and Blu-ray. Or watch it on Netflix.

It doesn't say it's a bootleg copy, if it was eBay would probably remove it.

It comes with a 4k version too. Probably on it's own Blu-ray, can't read it with my Blu-ray drive. I'm to cheap to buy a new one, also I don't know if MakeMKV supports ultra HD Blu-rays. Nope, that must of been the feedback, doesn't say it comes with the 4k one.

Found the 4k one, with the regular Blu-ray. Not much more, and still cheaper then Amazon. I also got $1.25 off, eBay bucks.

Now to see how much a ultra HD Blu-ray drive is.

Is my drive UHD friendly? If so, I can rip it. Doesn't need to be certified apparently. There's an ASUS burner for $80, that somebody claims works, or might work. You have to flash the drive. Not worth it, do UHD certified drives work? That was in 2017. The first page.

I think my drive was $40, got it for Christmas or something. Not a burner. But really old, so if the old firmware on it, is UHD friendly, I'm good to go. No need to burn Blu-rays.

The first thing to ask a woman on a date

Ask her how much she weighs.

She probably won't be your date for long if you do that. At least you won't make any babies with her. Unless you have no balls, then it doesn't matter.

Getting neutered is free. Free for me, the government pays for it.

Sorry, BlueStacks is only for PC or Mac

Linux isn't a PC? Found out about that on GBAtemp. I doubt it works in Ubuntu.

What is my computer then? If it isn't a PC?

Suck at Fortnite? Isn't there an Android version? You can have an unfair advantage, keyboard and mouse.

Well, that poster clearly doesn't know what Ubuntu is. Because BlueSocks, is Windows and macOS only.

One reason not to use Manjaro

No PVR addons available for Kodi in the repo, you have to use the AUR to install the one(s) you need.

At least it doesn't take long to compile.

Mythtv on the Apple TV blows, no easy commercial skipping, you can only fast forward, not use the markers. No subtitles either.

The only thing better, is auto commercial skipping.

Subtitles don't work, and there's a black border on the top, changing the overscan settings doesn't help.

Can't read lips, so don't know if it's in sync. It seems to be, or pretty damn close.

There's a delay at Kodi exiting, I could see on my monitor, that the Kodi process ended in the terminal, it wasn't gone on the TV yet.

No wonder Manjaro is super slow at updating

The mirror file has no US server.

sudo pacman-mirrors --country United_States Canada

That'll do the trick. Running "sudo pacman -Syyu", is much faster now.

Another runny dump

Is it the cheese or the drink mix? Or both?

I should go see a shrink about it. Will deep breathing solve the problem? What about deep mediation? Before you take a dump, just do deep mediation, then when you come back to reality, you'll have a shitty mess to clean up.

When did Starlink come out?

I can play the demo now, I got the update.

But you can only buy the deluxe edition download version for $80 on GameStop's site.

You can get just the game used for $20. I'd rather have the game only new, not used.

The game only new is about $22 on eBay. Is it really new? Or are they a scammer?

It's one of the best games I've played in a long time. Better then No Man's Sky, or just as good. Being on the Switch is nice.

Angry dream

Thought it was real too. Woke up angry as well.

Linux on the Switch is useless

I did get Steam Link to install, by --force-architecture, but it needs the internet to download it.

Trying to tap anything is almost impossible, you'll get pissed off very quickly. You'd need tiny fingers to use it. Good luck using a mouse, the USB C port doesn't work, wouldn't work on the dock either, as then I could SSH into it.

I'm not even going to try entering the login info the the WiFi. I'd have to add a new account, for it, but not worth it, I'd type the password in wrong. The touch screen isn't very responsive. I'll just leave it in the OS it came with. Maybe someday somebody will make a Linux distro with a functional UI, that doesn't require tiny fingers.

There's not even arrows on the keyboard, so if in a terminal, you can't click the up arrow to get your last command.

If you want to be pissed off, put Linux on your Switch, I'm not responsible for any damage you cause to your Switch.

You can't even put the display to sleep, by clicking the power button, if you hold it down, it'll shut off, doesn't have a thing popup like on the Switch OS, that lets you select shutdown. You need tiny fingers to click the thing that has shutdown.

If the Switch controller works, then you can use it as a mouse. It works with most Linux distros. Unless they compiled the kernel without support for it.

My dock might be defective, it's a pain in the ass to get it in right, if the green light turns off immediately, then you have to take it out and try again. Can't remember if my mom's dock is like that too. If it isn't, I should swap em.

And the light doesn't stay green. But it shows on the TV, then it gets all messed up, and the signal keeps going bye bye. Either it doesn't like my TV, or the HDMI switch.

Looks like the kernel lacks a ton of drivers, so my USB ethernet adapter probably doesn't work.

Mouse froze

No idea why. Luckily it unfroze itself.

On another note, a PSP game demo site, the game is restricted.

Chrome freezes when downloading stuff. I found a different demo site.

Maybe Firejail took a dump. Probably need to restart the browser. Could be malware running.

I'll probably put the rest of my money left over in my savings

On the 1st. Apparently all I really wanted was a HDMI extender over IP.

I didn't even spend half of the money for my bike, I had enough in the bank before I sold the bike for the HDMI extender over IP. If I didn't sell my bike, I'd have basically no money.

Samsung 512GB

What's the write speed on that? My micro SD card is currently under 20 MB/s. It says in the title 100MB/s, but doesn't say if that's read or write.

90 MB/s is the write speed, up to. Can it sustain that speed? Or does it slow down?

SandDick has a 1 TB micro SD card. Didn't know those existed yet, somebody on Amazon said the Switch can use up to 2 TB. That's enough space to back my photos up, but it costs over $400.

Probably takes a long ass time to test the card, there's software that'll write to it's full capacity. Not sure if there's a Linux program to do so, other then dd.

Kingston has a 512 GB micro SD card. Not as fast as the Samhung. But I really like the Kingston SSD I bought for $30. Don't actually use it for anything currently. It's hooked up, but not mounted. I should back my photos up to it with Cron. Third party seller, for the cheap price, enjoy your fake card, even the ones from Amazon can be fake. I'd buy from B&H or somebody.

Why does Amazon allow clearly fake cards to be sold on their site? No 512 GB micro SD card for $30 is real. Maybe someday they will be that cheap, unless everybody gets melted before then.

Would a HDMI switch with an audio extractor cause audio delay with my HDMI extender over IP?

Depends how shitty the switch is. Plugging the HDMI extender directly into the TV, would work the best.

Do they make a AV receiver with AUX out? Then I can get an overkill HDMI switch, well a receiver. Just plug the AUX out to my soundbase. RCA would work too, that's the cable I was using with my HDMI audio extractor.

A Sony for almost $300, has a "Phones" plug on the front. Can I connect that to a soundbase? It has 4 HDMI inputs, 4k and HDR.

I'll search Google, if I can plug a speaker into the Phones port. Or is that an input? Yamaha has a cheaper receiver, that is probably better.

The answer is yes, you can plug the soundbase into the headphone jack.

That does up scaling, that'll add delays. There's an old Onkyo for $200, that does 4k HDR. Might not do up scaling, since it's old.

Four ports isn't enough for everything. Oh wait, it is. Unless I want to hookup the Wii.

There's a Denon for $280. To bad I don't have the speakers my grandpa gave me anymore. They were at my mom's ex's, when I tried to get them, nobody knew where they were. So either stolen, just like all my stuff that got stolen, that I never received a penny for. Or somebody gave them away. I'm going with they were stolen.

Monoprice has some speakers for $90, it's a 5.1 system. No idea if they sound as good as my soundbase.

I like my soundbase, so I'll keep it.