They are changing the key code again

Sounds like somebody gave it to a former tenant.

People sure like giving the code to people. They should give everybody their own code. Does the box log which code is used? Then they can evict whoever gives their code to people.

Intel had to lower the prices of their CPUs

You can get a Intel Core i5-9400F for $160 from Newegg, just got an email with it.

Not that great of a deal, only 6 threads.

You can thank AMD for the price drops. How many PCIe lanes does my CPU support?

LSMCD did the trick

That made Nextcloud faster. It's a memcached replacement, that works with OpenLiteSpeed.

Instructions can be found here.

I made a file called "/usr/local/php72/lib/php.conf.d/11-memcached.ini" and put the below in it.


Oh yeah, you need memcached installed for PHP, use pecl install memcached. That's located in /usr/local/php72/bin for me. You'll need to comment out disable_functions in php.ini. Uncomment after installing it, you need popen.

  'memcache.local' => '\OC\Memcache\Memcached',
  'memcached_servers' => [
     [ '', 11211 ],

That's what I put in my Nextcloud config.php file.

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is only $56.99

At Walmart, and Best Buy.

Don't think it uses AA batteries, so I'd have to plug it in to charge. That's inconvenient. Much easier to swap to charged rechargeable batteries, and then charge the dead ones whenever I feel like it.

I have a shitload of AA and AAA batteries.

Is it wireless? The description on Walmart is useless. The PowerA is only $44.88, probably would have to ask for the online price, like when I bought my stupid bluetooth keyboard. It's also not the black and red one, it's a Mario one. It's red, and Mario is black, so it's fine looking.

Maybe eBay has an open box PowerA.

Are seller refurbished controllers any good? It's under $30 on eBay. I lied, it's $32, the open box is under $30.

The color I want is $34.43 for the refurbished one. There's a new one for $32.00, the color I want. Did they steal them? Based on their feedback, probably not new.

Planes are dangerous

In Saints Row: The Third. I blew myself up on accident.

Why is my cloud so damn slow?

I think it'll be over 100 GB, once it's done uploading.

Think my Slab is only 250 GB. Eventually, I'll need to upgrade. I also need another one to backup this one.

Titan Two

Will that let me use my Steam Controller on my Switch?

Don't buy the CronusMAX, apparently they are stealing Titan's software. The person that made the software, worked with or for CronusMAX, and then they started their own company, don't remember why, or if the reason was posted.

And it looks like the answer is yes. Probably costs as much as a controller.

No Linux software, I'd have to hope it works in a VM. It would most likely in QEMU, but VMware Workstation Player has issues. My remote did work in it though.

Shoot, I clicked their link, and they have their shitty tag in the Amazon link, so when I buy something unrelated on Amazon, they get money.

It costs $90, will the One work? It might be cheaper. But the Two has keyboard and mouse support without your computer.

I might be able to flash my old ControllerMax/CronusMAX to work with the new software, you have to pay money to do it. Might be under $20.

You might need the two to use the Steam Controller on it.

It's actually $95, if you buy from ConsuleTuner on Amazon.

Maybe I'll buy it on the 1st. It's probably overkill, but supports keyboards and mouses. I have some cheap adapter for my PS4, lets me use a Xbox One controller on it, it's a wired controller. How does switching it between consoles work? Do you have to change the config every time?

Ha, they claim the latency is high. I play games on a TV, with game mode, don't know what the latency is in game mode. But with my cheap Xbox One to PS4 adapter, I notice no problems.

Doesn't sound like you can wake the Switch up with it, or did it say turn on? I'll just buy a controller, it's cheaper. When does the Amazon link I clicked expire? And is linking to your own products against Amazon's terms?

Buy the Nokia 8 to piss iOS fanpeople off

I already bought an iPhone, and pissed Android fanpeople off. I can piss em both off if I own both.

But the Nokia 8 is ugly.

It's Android One, so you get shitty Android updates. I'd recommend playing the same porn video on it 24/7, hell don't even put a SIM card in it. Then Google will have some hard data to sell.

DirectAdmin OpenLiteSpeed enable autoIndex for one domain

  |*if SDOMAIN=""|
  autoIndex                        1

Add that to "/usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/custom/", changing the domain of course.

Better to do it that way, then editing the config directly, when you rewrite the config files, it'll overwrite any changes you do.

Reincarnation isn't that bad

You shouldn't remember your shitty previous life.

The other option is, go to Hell, more people you know probably won't go to Hell. So you won't have to talk to them.

Reincarnation is probably better then Hell though.

If you go to Heaven, can you leave? Maybe be trapped in a void, all by yourself.

And she can't figure out why people get mad at her

What does she expect, if she only cares about her ex?

There won't be any reason to go to her house once he moves in.

When the weather is nice, she just sits outside, and talks to her ex, while everybody else is inside. Go out there, and she gets mad. So why talk to me or anything if you don't give a shit?

Oh right, because she thinks God exists, and is acting like she's a good person. Problem is, if God exists, they can see right through your acting.

Looks like I can sell my camera, I won't be going to her house for any reason. She's forgetting what happened last time I stayed in the same house as that guy. And thinks I want to go on vacation. I don't consider being ignored a good time.

It's funny she was criticizing some guy on a movie, for caring more about his wife then their kids. She does the same thing, except they aren't even married anymore.

How slow is the Nokia 8?

Cheaper then an iPhone 7 Plus, or maybe not if I trade in my iPhone 7.

But I can keep my iPhone 7 if I don't trade it in. There's zero reviews on Amazon. Probably pretty slow.

The single core score for my iPhone 7 is 3520. But if you get an Android phone, Google can sell all your data.

It doesn't even get 2000 for the single core score, a little under. The multi score is useless on a phone.

Speaking of multi core score, it's barely better then my iPhone 7 with two cores.

Would be easier to back my photos up with an Android phone. Is the Linux phone out yet? Don't think so, and that's $600 or more.

The newer iPhones are useless, no fingerprint sensors. And they don't have the touch force or whatever, on the iPhone 7. So there's no point in buying any iPhone newer then the 7.

Tonka's panting is better

She didn't start panting till we got outside. She got some CBD or something, no THC in it.

Surprised they don't study that stuff for dogs or people. It works better then rimadyl.

She had some of the CBD or whatever last night. Woke up, and she wasn't panting, not even when she got up.

Apparently it's illegal for vets to prescribe. No idea why. It's way more effective then the stuff they can prescribe.

How to manually add Strict-Transport-Security to your openlitespeed.conf file

  context / {
    type    Static
    ExtraHeaders    Header always set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=15552000; includeSubDomains"

Took hours to figure it out, but it finally works. Don't know which custom file to make so it adds it under the context, probably need a DirectAdmin update.

I only did that for one subdomain. If you run "curl -i", it'll say "strict-transport-security: max-age=15552000; includeSubDomains", if it's working.

Their documentation is horrible, it's for the web interface, that is disabled, enabling it doesn't work.

Add the below to "/usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/custom/", create it if it doesn't exist.

  |*if SSL_TEMPLATE="1"|
  context / {
    type    Static
    ExtraHeaders    Header always set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=155520$

Guess more then one conext / doesn't matter. That'll add it to the top of the vhost config. Apparently the order of stuff doesn't matter.

How long do Silicon Power last?

Not very long. I can't read mine anymore, I was able to once, but it was read only, so I tried ejecting it, and reinserting it to the card reader.

It's barely been used, mostly sitting idle in my Switch.

Lucky for me, I backed up the EmuNAND not long ago.

dosfsck doesn't do anything.

fat_get_cluster: invalid cluster chain (i_pos 0)

That's one of the errors. Could be the reader, I suppose.

It's a file system error.

No wonder dosfsck didn't work, I was doing the entire drive, not just the FAT partition.

Nice, it deleted the folders that are corrupt.

So the cards do last, FAT doesn't though. Now I have to copy my EmuTendo or whatever folder to it.

Why did Nextcloud take a dump? It finally loaded, I had to pause the client.

What are all these fsck files? Some kind of recovery files, I'll just delete em all.

There goes the theory that FAT is less likely to get corrupted on the Switch.

The Switch works with the HDMI switch. But I think the PS4 worked, but sometimes it would have issues, rebooting something would fix it, either the TV or the switch.

Game might be fun, but the Switch controller blows ass, the one it came with. Either the sticks are to small, or it needs a touch pad like the Steam Controller.

I'll probably buy the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch, the cheap black and red one, not the one GBAtemp reviewed, that one costs a little more, and I don't like how it looks. Pretty sure they are the same, just the cheaper one looks different, that is the paint job.

Did you know somebody in Saints Row: The Third, loves rim jobs?

The game would be better if you could exit your space ship.

Also, when did they had actual talking to games for Nintendo consoles? In the cut scene or whatever it's called, their mouths were moving while talking. Can't remember if the Wii had that. Don't think the 3DS does.

The pro Switch controller, made by Nintendo costs more then the PowerA.

No Amazon links, they are terminating my affiliate account, and told me to remove all links to their site. I only did so on this blog, not my other one. To lazy.

I had to sync my controllers, worked if I attached it to the Switch, unattached it, and it wouldn't connect.

Do HDMI extenders over IP work with powerline adapters?

Depends how shitty your powerline adapters are. If they are shitty enough it should work, or maybe it's the other way.

Can't buy an extender that uses powerline adapters, there's no plugs open for it.

That's cheaper then another computer. But the computer parts might be to tempting not to buy.

One of the adapters says you need a dedicated switch for it, the one I might of bought doesn't say that. Does say for best performance to put them on it's own VLAN. That won't happen, as the switch for my TV stuff doesn't do VLANs. I never bothered buying another VLAN capable switch.

I plugged my Nintendo Switch into my Monoprice HDMI switch, maybe just the PS4 has issues with it.

If you want 4k HDMI over IP, that'll cost $500, think I saw a 4k HDMI for $500, didn't click it. Was on my phone, probably on one of the 1080p ones. Amazon shows you other products when viewing one.

What's the name of the XCI splitter? I did get a game demo for my Switch, no idea why the demo is so big. Found it in my Downloads folder, it's called XCI splitter. Should see if there's a new version of it.

Oh year, I need to change my remote, to use the HDMI switch for the Switch, and add a PC, in case I bought a HDMI extender over IP.

She's going to get in a wreck

She doesn't just look at her phone at red lights anymore, now she does it before she gets to the light.

She clearly doesn't care if she gets in a wreck, or a ticket. Don't know what's so hard about not looking at your phone.

Well, now I know how I die, she'll get in a wreck, and I'll be dead.

Might have enough to assemble another computer next month

But I might not, every time I think of spending money, I get a feeling in my gut.

Can Kodi receive Airplay? If Philo lets you Airplay stuff, then I don't need the Apple TV anymore, if I assemble another computer.

I've already uploaded almost 20 GB to Nextcloud. Looks like Comcast slightly increased my upload speed.

If it has DRM, it won't work.

I think Philo works on Roku, my TV has Roku built in. Sucks I can't easily use a computer, I don't want to use a mouse and keyboard in a browser on the couch.

Damn, Mini ITX costs more then Micro ATX.

Before tax $354.09, add another 100 or so, if you want a drive, the Kingston 960 GB SSD or however big it is. I have a smaller Kingston, in an enclosure, that I could put in it, and a M.2 SSD.

When do the new AMD CPUs come out? Think June or July, or the date will be announced then. The old ones should get cheaper by then.

AMD Athlon 200GE is that good enough for Mythtv and streaming games using Steam? It's only $50. Will faster RAM then it supports work? Should, just will run slower. It's only $45 for 2x4 GB, Patriot 3000 MHz.

If I do that, I won't need an AtariVCS.

I'll probably buy all those parts, you can run any OS on it, non like the AtariVCS. CPU might not be as good as whatever the AtariVCS will have, but you get any OS you want. Does the Steam client do game streaming? Or do you need the Steam Link app to do it?

DirectAdmin took a dump

Had to delete my domain pointer to get SSL working. I had to force reboot it, I managed to kill it somehow. Maybe they limited my CPU, and it caused it to freeze.

I should probably upgrade to the $15 a month plan, then they won't limit my CPU. Their network was having issues too.

What's a good host with a AUP similar to BuyVM?

The only thing not working is directory listings.

BuyVM's network blows.

Finally got directory listings to work.

If using DirectAdmin, edit "/usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd-defaults.conf" and add the below under IndexFiles:

autoIndex                        1

Then edit the domain's HTTPD, in DirectAdmin's web interface, under Extra, click "Custom HTTPD Configurations".

In the box at the top add:


Click save, restart OpenLiteSpeed, or wait. You could just disable the BASEDIR.

Finally got logged in again, had to reboot the stupid server.

Probably because I deleted everything in /tmp, there was no disk space left.

No cache plugin, thought it was causing issues. I'll reinstall it, or switch to the LiteSpeed cache.

When did DirectAdmin add OpenLiteSpeed support?

Was going to change it from "nginx_apache" to "apache", but just saw "openlitespeed".

Let's see if Nextcloud works with OpenLiteSpeed.

Nextcloud is super slow with NGINX + Apache.

Don't switch to OpenLiteSpeed till you compile PHP for lsphp. Looks like it's done building the newest PHP. There's two other versions specified. I should of removed the third non needed one.

Nextcloud works now. But, doesn't, says not found. Is it using an old version of PHP for the directory listing?

Uploading my pics folder to Nextcloud, that'll probably take over a day. And no directory listing, because of open base dir or whatever it's called.

There's no reason to use CyberPanel now, if you use BuyVM, DirectAdmin is free on BuyVM.

There is one downside to DirectAdmin, if it fails to compile php2, then you can only rebuild both of them, not just the one it didn't do.

Might wait till the 1st to get another Slab. If I accidentally delete it, then I'll be reuploading again. Or if the Slab crashes. Power outages will kill it.