Lens or OnePlus 7?

If the OnePlus 7 has the Snapdragon 855 CPU, then it'll be as fast as my iPhone 7. But it'll cost more then $200.

But if I don't want to wait 7-14 days, I'd have to order the lens from Adorama. Then I'd be a hypocrite. Except, I am already.

Will the battery life be better then my iPhone 7? With a VPN?

Probably the phone, if I buy anything. And that'll be next month. I'll keep my not perfect $130 lens.

I still haven't used it outside, so it might be way better outside.


Your due date is at least 23 days after the close of each billing cycle. We will not charge you any interest on non-promotional purchases if you pay your entire balance by the due date each month. We will begin charging interest on promotional purchases on the purchase date.

I think the lens I want is on sale, so I'd have to pay it off immediately, kind of defeats the purpose.

How do I know if it's a promotional purchase? Wait a day and see if you owe more?

Good news, they were unable to process my application. I got some credit card offer in the mail, might be like $500. Pay it off before the due date, and no interest most likely. Who knows if I still have that.

Why did I sell my Olympus 17mm f2.8?

Because I didn't know how to use my camera. I probably still don't know how, just know more then I did. I already re bought a Panasonic lens.

The 25mm Panasonic, I only paid $130 when I re bought it from B&H, probably on sale.

The 17mm f2.8 costs $300 new, for $100 more, you can get a Sigma 16mm f1.4.

Or buy the 17mm used or under $200.

According to an email I sent my grandpa a long time ago, the 14mm is supposed to be good for the price, it's $300 new from Amazon directly, the email said $230 on eBay.

Is it the 14mm f2.5? Yes it is. So I must of already researched that lens. How much on KEH? They give you a warranty.

Which one is better? The old or new one? The new one is $200 on KEH, the old one around $180.

Looking on eBay, to see if the seller I bought my 12-32mm is selling it. They take the lens out of a kit, so it's new, and cheaper.

If I wasn't anti Adorama, I'd buy it for $200 new from them. They didn't email me a quote for my Canon FD adapter. Need to sell all that stuff.

Damn, my seller doesn't sell it.

Same price from B&H, do I qualify for Payboo?

I don't care about the resolution of content on my TV

TVs for some reason don't look as bad as a monitor at a lower then native resolution. Well, my TV is probably up scaling it.

Even playing Saints Row: The Third on my monitor with a resolution of 1080p, it doesn't feel right. Or maybe it's because the monitor is smaller then the TV. The monitor is 1440p.

The sensitivity probably needs to be increased on the touchpad, seems kind of slow, before changing it to 720p, it moved faster.

Painful dump

Felt like solids at first, then it was runny. Didn't see any blood. Just a painful dump.

They picked a good time to do my inspection

If the AC is required to be working, and they decide it isn't, then I'll fail. And that means the apartment building people will be forced to fix or replace it.

They might not bother having the guy come out to look at it, they might just replace it.

Doesn't turn on much, as the temperature on it is less then my thermometer. It's set to 70, and it usually thinks it's 70 or 71, even when my thermometer says 74 or 75.

If the AC has to be working, they can't rent it to somebody else either. It'll be funny if I get evicted though.

Looks like the HDMI extender over IP has input lag

Probably underpowered, so can't encode the video fast enough.

Or the powerline adapters suck.

Just tested the one specific motorcycle in Saints Row: The Third, on my monitor. I was able to control it much better.

According to their "tests", the HDMI extender over IP, is only 1080p30. So if it's downgrading the video to 30 FPS, that's the problem. Changing it to 720p might fix it. Might of tried that though.

A bunch of people say you need a dedicated switch. Probably a dedicated powerline adapter too then. Not enough plugs for that.

And look at that, Steam might be down. After it fails to connect, I'll click start in offline mode. Killed it, and reopened, and now it connected.

720p basically fixed it. Could still be a delay, but not as much. I can drive any motorcycle now.

Funny one of the answers says, the delay would be to much with a switch. Under 10ms is good enough for me, I played on a 16ms monitor a long time ago, that worked too.

But I think the stupid think is encoding it to 30 FPS, which is causing a delay, because it's not fast enough to do that. Apparently it can do 720p60.

Do the 4k ones do 1080p60? I think they are 1000 Mbps, so if you pay enough probably.

That mission in Saints Row: The Third is a pain

You are naked, but that's not the hard part. Almost like in a crashed airplane. Maybe she was drunk. Don't know how to spell the word I'm thinking. Maybe it isn't a word, Google can't figure it out.

You free sex slaves in that mission. There's even a brute with female clothes on, looked like a brute. I did get another safe house after doing that mission.

I have almost every upgrade, so I can take a lot of bullets. Need to get more reputation, so bullets and other stuff does no damage to me. It's already reduced, but invincible is better.

I have over $200k in the game, I already bought every property I can. And every upgrade I can, except for the notoriety goes away faster for one of the gangs, I should probably get that. But I thought that gang was over. Apparently not completely.

I killed some of the hos, thanks to the messed up aim. It's easier to melee then use guns on that mission.

Did T-Mobile change their policy with MVNOs?

Use to be, that MVNOs would have slower data then the carrier directly.

Also, I was surprised I got 20 Mbps earlier, usually during the day, T-Mobile is slow as fuck, under 10 Mbps. And that's on Ultra Mobile. Maybe T-Mobile added more network capacity, or a bunch of people cancelled.

Ultra Mobile supports hotspots. Well, doesn't say my plan is hotspot capable. Now to try turning it on, to see if iOS won't let me. You can use a hotspot on Android no matter what, unless it's a locked bootloader carrier phone, that can't be unlocked. But you still might be able to, there's hotspot apps.

Well, Apple doesn't care if you make a hotspot, on plans that don't say you can do so. So if you say Android is better for the hotspot feature, you might be wrong, at least on my unlocked iPhone 7, I can enable a hotspot on the $19 a month Ultra Mobile plan.

If you want T-Mobile's 50 GB plan, then use Ultra Mobile, it's $49 a month, instead of over $70 for T-Mobile directly. It's 50 GB of high speed data.

A lot of times, with the carrier directly, the phone will check if hotspots are allowed on your plan, both Android and iOS.

Dogs are stupid creatures

They like eating shit on the ground, that includes shit, and anything else on the ground, like poison. Most people wouldn't pick something on the ground up and eat it.

She thought I was going to give her a treat. Why would I? She already ate something outside, who knows what.

Well, if she kills herself, by eating poison, I won't have to take her outside anymore, or constantly yell at her to not eat shit on the ground.

Somebody's dog did eat something on the ground, it had weed in it. Apparently the dog got sick.

If you don't let her sniff the ground, then she won't go to the bathroom.

In other words, don't get a dog. I won't ever get another dog. None of the poop that nobody picks up will be from my dog, as I won't have one. Won't have to yell at them to not eat shit, as I won't have a dog.

Speaking of shit, she only went poop once today. Guess all she wants to do outside is eat shit.

How can people use L4T Ubuntu?

Steam Controller won't work with it, so you are forced to use the touchscreen, which isn't easy if your fingers aren't tiny.

And if it's docked, you can't use the touchscreen. It was docked when I tried using the Steam Controller. The TV kept blinking or something. So clearly, it isn't ready to be used.

Not running a long USB cable from the dock to the couch.

I should delete the Linux partition on my micro SD, copy everything on the non Linux partition, format and copy the data back.

Tonka doesn't like it at her house anyways

Still funny that she invited me on her vacation. Most people don't go on vacation with their ex husband.

Not really a vacation for me, seeing as none of the people that are going like me.

Where did this depression and/or guilt feeling come from? Probably doing not what my programming says to do.

Ultra Mobile works

Around $21 for the cheapest plan. Enjoy calling my T-Mobile number now, that SIM card isn't in my phone anymore.

You don't need to manually enter the APN settings. Not on an iPhone 7 with the latest iOS. The upload speed is almost 20 Mbps, that smokes Comcast.

I collect SIM cards, or I did. So, of course I have unused Ultra Mobile SIM cards.

Ultra Mobile uses T-Mobile. As far as I know.

What she really means when she says she isn't making dinner

That I'm not welcome at her house. She and/or her ex will be having dinner. I'm not allowed over there when he is.

So when her fantastic ex moves in, I won't be allowed over there at all. I'll probably stop going over there before that happens, and I won't know when it happens, as I won't speak to her anymore.

Need to disable voice mail forwarding on the T-Mobile number she's paying for. No need to keep using that.

I did say "good for you" to her. Just to give her a reason to be angry. She's constantly getting mad at me, call her, she gets mad, talk to her, she gets mad, don't talk to her, she gets mad.

Ha, she thinks I want something because I said that. Nope. Enjoy texting yourself, because eventually, I'll remove the T-Mobile SIM card.

Shitty inspection

They don't do it every year anymore, every other year. Still shitty. I wonder if I'll get my apartment cleaned before it, probably not. See you on the side of the street, I'll be panhandling.

Should probably get my bathtub and sink fixed, slow at draining.

I won't be awake when they come.

Is there a grip for the Panasonic GX85?

It's only $500 with two lenses. I have one of the lenses it comes with.

I can use my E-M10 Mark II with just one hand, thanks to the grip.

An unofficial grip is fine too, mine is on my E-M10 Mark II.

Or buy the YI camera, just to test my Panasonic lens on it. See if it's any different. If it is, then I probably need a Panasonic body. The YI is only $250.

After testing it, give it to my sister, my younger one.

No IBIS or TTL, so I wouldn't switch to it.

Why can't I view comments on reviews on Amazon? Shows nothing when I click comments, says there's three. I like their bad review, seeing as they don't know how to use a camera. Finally got the comments to load, just keep refreshing, and clicking comments, until they finally show.

That's why I'd buy it, their useless bad review. If you can't brute force every setting, then don't buy a camera. Or read a book, or take a class.

You can get it on eBay for $400, only comes with one lens, the GX85. They took the other lens out.

No wonder I reconginized that seller's name, I bought my 12-32mm from them, they have the body only for $355, but no body cap. I think I bought the cap for my lens on Amazon, might work as a body cap too.

And the GX85 isn't better then my current camera, so kind of pointless buying it.

Why can't I buy the YI 12-40mm lens by itself? Should search for that on eBay, that's where I got my YI 42.5mm.

You can buy it from Canada, open box, and the wrong color.

What's the point in 12mm if everything isn't sharp?

Kind of defeats the purpose of 12mm.

Also, it doesn't like focusing where the focus point is, in the center. Have to use ISO 400, otherwise there's noise.

Does this lens focus on the right spot on a Panasonic camera?

Looks like the flash power was to high on some of the pictures, auto level makes it darker.

What do you need a lens changing camera for if you use a flash?

Panasonic has a more expensive point and shoot camera for $400. The FZ300. Think it does RAW too.

I use a flash, even with fast lenses. Just turn the aperture down. Or the ISO. Or the flash.

I should of kept the Panasonic super zoom I had, sold it to my mom. Might of semi broke it, somebody said to put black tape on the flash, to make it less powerful, that resulted in smoke. The settings on the camera, didn't work anymore, yet I think auto mode works. That camera was like $280.

That Panasonic came out in 2015? Says my camera did too.

Will the next OnePlus have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855?

That's as fast as my iPhone 7's CPU. Will probably cost more then $400. Funny though, the iPhone 7 is older, and Android phones are just now catching up to the iPhone 7's single core performance.

Apparently the GPU on Snapdragon's is better then iPhones. But the latest iPhone does video editing faster. I don't play games on my phone, or edit video, so I don't care about that.

In two days, the next OnePlus will be announced. Anyone want to buy my iPhone 7 for $250?