Spending money won't make your pictures better

Learning to use your camera will. But that's more work then spending money. Better off selling all my camera stuff, to somebody that knows how to use it, or is willing to learn how to use it.

But the Sigma 16mm would be better indoors then my Panasonic 12-32mm. It would be cheaper to learn to use my camera though.

Some people think Olympus is better then Panasonic

That's the problem with fanboys. They think one brand is better, yet they've never used it. I sent him a picture with a Panasonic super zoom, and he even said it was a good picture.

Maybe my younger sister wants my camera, replace the body with a Panasonic.

If you hate brands, or think they are awful, I may buy something from them, just to piss you off.

Is the Olympus M.ZUIKO 14-42MM F3.5-5.6 II R sharper then my Panasonic 12-32mm? The Panasonic isn't exactly great indoors at 12mm. With a flash of course. Maybe I need a bigger flash, or just two flashes. It can trigger another flash.

Fujifilm XF10 Digital Camera that'll do the trick, no lens changing required. And I like the word Fuji. Is Ricoh cheaper? They have a fixed lens camera. That's $900, the Fuji is cheaper.

Does Panasonic make a four thirds fixed lens camera? They might.

Panasonic LX100 Mark II there you go, it's $900. PANASONIC LUMIX LX100 $600 for that.

The Fujifilm XF10 is the cheapest, no viewfinder though, never use it anyways. That's cheaper then a good wide angle lens. And I don't have to change the lens, you can't. Maybe it can replace my Olympus, and then I can sell all my camera stuff. Keep the Fuji, get rid of everything else.


Is the Librem 5 vulnerable to that? If so, there's no point in buying it. If you disable the modem, then you might be safe.

See, the nice PDF here.

Not useful for just law enforcement, if they can do it, criminals can find a way. Then say goodbye to all your money. Sounds like a VPN is useless, if they silently install that on your phone.

And governments that don't have basic human rights, can use it too.

The US is already spying on their people, so they are using that too. Someday the US's fake democracy will come to an end, and lots of people will be beaten and murdered for not supporting the government.

That'll Make America Great Again.

iOS might not be vulnerable to that anymore. Somebody might of found new vulnerabilities though.

What's funny, is some guy I know, doesn't even update his phone. He doesn't care about getting spied on. He ignores everything I send him, so I deleted the conversation with myself.

Is the Pixel 3a vulnerable to it? I want to give Apple the middle finger, and I don't want to wait for Librem 5. Giving them my middle finger, cause their MacBooks are non user upgradeable or fixable.

Buy a more expensive TCL TV instead, and give the middle finger to Samsung, just change the second s to an h.

The better model 65" one, is $800 before tax. They have a cheaper 65" for $500. Is it better then mine? It's $100 off, the $500 one. The $800 one is $170 off.

Probably neither will be next month, or the month after. Does anybody want a 49" 4k TV? I need a 65" one, that's what she said.

Samhung is only $600 for a 65" one. So is, LookingGood.

Vizio is only $480, I liked the first HDTV I got, it was a Vizio. Probably like $600 and only 32".

You can't buy it online, or locally, at least not local to me.

You have to go to a different store for a different cheap brand. TCL looks fine though.

Boohoo, Costco doesn't have a 65" TCL, that's where I bought my 49" one.

You can get a better and bigger 65" TCL, on Amazon for $600. Not the newest one, assuming there's a 2019 one. Still better then mine.

Eh, 65" is to big, that'll be painful. That's over five feet, that would hurt like hell.

Looks like my AP is disconnecting my stuff

I was sitting on the Jonny, and I saw my phone disconnect. After it reconnected, I opened the UniFi app, and there was one more "WPA Authentication Timeout/Failure", then there was earlier today.

Do all APs do that? Get timeouts and/or failures?

It doesn't have to relogin to the RADIUS server when the AP disconnects it?

The Librem 5 might fail

Somebody doubts it'll succeed. Somebody asked for a port of some open source app for Android, that manages your fitness tracker. Except, isn't the Amazfit Bip a smartwatch? According to the title on Amazon, it is. Not that smart, there's no third party apps for it.

They doubt, because Ubuntu's phone failed.

They closed the issue. Some developers already have a developer kit. I don't think the people that maintain Ubuntu Touch got any though.

Seeing as there's still software issues, on their posts, I doubt it'll be shipping anytime soon. If nobody buys it, then they probably won't keep releasing updates for it, or selling batteries or anything for it.

You might be better off buying a shitty Android phone, and just use Mi Fit, no point in using open source software on a shitty OS.

Here's the closed issue.

But it sounds like you shouldn't pre order the phone. Did the Ubuntu phone get released? I'll probably buy something else, for $649.

Can you replace the batteries on current MacBooks?

Or are they soldered to the motherboard? If they are, Apple really is anti consumer, you have to pay to replace the entire motherboard when your battery dies, but they won't have replacements, so you'll have to buy a new one.

Is that really anti consumer? Might just be greed.

The only phone that you can easily replace the battery on, is the Lebrem 5, it'll have a replaceable battery. Or old flip phones with removable backs, and some old shitty Android phones.

If I buy a Librem 5, I can give the middle finger to Apple and Google. Buying an Android phone is only giving Apple the finger. Don't know what's worse, anti consumer, or selling everything you do. But Android phones are anti consumer too, unless you can easily replace the battery.

Think I will buy the Librem 5, if it ever comes out. They keep delaying the release date. No fingerprint reader, but who cares, you can use any Yubikey with it.

If the Linux distro on it is to slow, just switch distros. It should be easier to do then switching a ROM on a shitty Android phone.

That'll cost me $649 if I pre order it.

Excuse me sir

Hello? Somebody was saying that to me outside. Usually when people I don't know try talking to me, they want money, to "use" my phone, or a light for their "cigarette".

Looks like I'm deaf, except I can hear them.

I should ask one of those people if I can "use" their phone. They will probably say they don't have a phone, and I will say the same thing.

Those burritos are nasty

They do make you not hungry anymore though. Probably a good weight loss plan, just eat a couple of those.

Think they were in my mom's freezer for at least a year.

They said something about hot dogs outside soon. Not really hungry now. Maybe I will be at 5 pm. But I have steak from yesterday to eat.

Vantage PS4 Controller

It has the joysticks in the same spot as an Xbox controller, but it's $170. Might of almost paid that for my Xbox One controller, if you count the adapter to use it on the PS4.

You can get a wireless one, that means no long ass USB cable, that is probably to long.

Their cheapest controller is $140, it's not Xbox style though.

How did my VPS get faster?

Or Slice as BuyVM calls it.

I didn't do anything. Maybe the block storage was slowing it down, that is the /home drive. But that wouldn't explain why DirectAdmin web interface was slow, does that store anything on the /home drive?

My Amazfit Bip only uses around 4% of battery everyday

That's around 20 days of battery life. If you want the 30 days, change the heart rate setting. Or leave it on the default. Mine checks every minute.

You can apparently get over 30 days, with the right settings.

Can I get a Linux phone with this CPU? It'll be slow as fuck, and the battery won't last as long, if it has WiFi, and a bigger screen. The damn watch doesn't always respond. Doesn't like my fingers, the screen turns on, but swiping doesn't always do anything.

Why did I just eat two burritos? Will probably be shitting yet again. The last dump was runny.

I'm not sure I identify as male

I know I don't identify as female. That only leaves non binary. That's the best religion.

If that's the case, you can't call me gay, only if they are non binary.

I was most likely told as a young child that I was male. They might be liars. Everybody should get N/A on their birth certificate. Except, mine would still say that.

How long will parents keep identifying their kids? Deciding how they feel. Telling your kid they are male or female, makes you an ass. That's for them to decide, not you. They aren't a clone of you.

I disagree

The best phone for $300-$500, is not the Pixel 3a, maybe it is if all you care about is a good camera. If all you care about is speed, then the iPhone 7 is better. I paid a little under $400 for a refurbished iPhone 7, around $440-$450 with tax and a case.

Probably costs under $500 for a new one, I'm to lazy to look.

Android CPUs are slow. And Google sells all your info. You can get anybody's email address on Gmail, if you know their name, and you have money. Google will gladly sell you it. Maybe they will throw in their actual emails too.

This FAQ doesn't say how to update my Olympus camera, just has the BIN file download link. I don't want to use the Windows software. Might be the only option, since their site blows ass.

So you just put that on the SD card and turn it on? Their blog has zero info as well.

I found the instructions finally, click forward on the download page.

If you are wondering, it worked. No Windows needed. Or USB cable.

The Pixel 3a is basically as fast as the Honor 8 I had

There's benchmarks on Geekbench for the Pixel 3a now. The Honor 8 was the fastest Android phone I've ever had.

The fastest phone I've had, is my current phone, the iPhone 7.

Think I paid $400 for the Honor 8, and that might of been in 2016. So the Pixel 3a is overpriced. It should cost $200 max.

Funny, the Moto G7 Play is faster then the Moto X4 I had, at least for single core performance. I might of only paid $250 for the X4, you can get the G7 Play for $200.

Why would you pay $300 for the Moto G7? The Nokia 8 is faster, and costs the same.

Just say no to sex with pro-lifers

Somebody has a sticker that says that on their car. I should get a car, and get one that says "Just say no to sex with everybody".

Will they sell me a car without a license? I don't plan on driving it, only once to park it, so everybody can see my sticker.

It's a belief, currently no science proves anything either way. Therefore, the government should have zero say in the subject.

Did I take my medicine?

I sure as heck can't fall a sleep. Did have to keep shitting.

Almost 5 am. Maybe I should take the dog out, so if I fall a sleep, I can sleep till 5 pm.

Finally fell a sleep, after 5 AM.

Best Buy's Pixel 3a deal is a scam

You have to activate the "unlocked" one on Sprint to get the $299 price. How do you know they give you an unlocked one? And can you get the cheapest prepaid plan? And still get the $100 gift card? Do you get the $100 gift card with the $399 no activation one?

when you buy an unlocked model or with qualified activation for Verizon or Sprint.

There you go, it's a scam.

The Nokia 8, I think gets similar benchmark scores. Might as well get that for $300 no gift card and no activation, and no Verizon or Sprint support.

I can get over $200 for my iPhone 7. But I'd rather keep it. Either have two phones, or just don't buy a new phone.

That's like three dumps today

Everything bagels will give you bowel movements, the last one might of been runny, or a little of both. I ate a lot of bagels today. Only one left now.

Should buy bagels at Costco, they give you way more. Just eat bagels and nothing else. All I ate today was cereal and bagels. Don't really like the frozen pizza I have. The supreme might of been better.

bsnes-hd beta 5

Funny, it says in the title on Reddit, "bsnes 107.3", I didn't read the title. You can find v107.3 here. That is the source code. You need that version to compile bsnes-hd beta 5. You just copy the modified files over the original files.

You can find it compiled in Manjaro here.