Stupid Steam Controller

Bluetooth has less latency then the wireless dongle it came with. According to Valve, the adapter it came with should have less latency.

Either my controller and/or my dongle is defective, or Valve is a liar.

I won't buy another controller. I might consider buying a new wireless dongle.

But I'll probably see if my expensive Xbox One controller works, it should with Steam games. It's a wired controller, that should get rid of most latency. It would be best to plug it into the back of my computer, but I'm pretty sure it's full. There might be a USB Type-C port open.

Should of tried the Steam Link, if it was hard to drive with that too, then I know it's the dongle and/or controller. Apparently it only has low latency if you are very close to it. The futon isn't that far away. Might as well use it wired, if you have to be that close.

I set the TV back to 60 Hz in my xorg.conf file.

Looks like the dongle is only $13.

I might not of been able to aim with the Steam Controller using the Steam Link either. Now I know why, high latency makes it suck ass.

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for the Switch doesn't work in Steam in Linux

Apparently it works in Windows, or some version of it did. It works in bsnes, Steam says no controller found.

I'll just test the Steam controller on my monitor, just drive a motorcycle, and I'll see very quickly if it's the same as on the TV. Still could be the controller, I'd have to sit on my futon to know for sure. Monitor is kind of small.

Yup, it's the extender over IP, input lag. Now to try changing the TV to 30 Hz.

If that doesn't work, I need a new HDMI over IP extender. Or a new switch, or don't use the powerline adapters.

Good luck having people stay in touch with you

If you ignore everything they send you. It's a waste of time.

He never said anything to an email I sent him, something we were talking about. Guess he wasn't interested in it after all. Or he didn't bother reading the email.

Non binary is a good gender

Then the people that go around calling other people gay, will only be able to call you gay if you date other non binary people.

Also, non binary won't compute in their little pea sized brain.

I personally identify as a tree.

Didn't know Justice League was a cartoon

There's a funny part, when the "Star boy" escapes the nut factory. There's a crazy woman beating the crap out of security guards.

Think it's the newest one, I need the other ones too.

On another note, Plex is defective, all three of my new movies, say they are The Avengers. Only one is. There's Thor which I already watched. Think it says I watched all three of them too.

Looks like I need to switch my media server. Don't know if Emby is free. No point in Plex, if it can't get the titles right. Just say the name of the file, and I'll know what it is.

You can change the name of the movies if you go to the Plex interface, but marking it as not played, changes all three movies to not played. Plex is very stupid.

Wait a second, you might be able to get Emby for free, there was something that you can get for free. Yup, emby-server-unlocked.

I'll switch to that later tonight.\

Jellyfin is 100% free, is there an app for the Apple TV? There's no premium crap with it, apparently it's the successor to emby-server-unlocked.

There might be an Apple TV app, it may or may not work.

I think I'll be lazy and do nothing.

She was wrong

I remember when I was a kid, somebody at the school I was going to, said when I got older girls would like me. Nope, they hate me. I know of at least 4 females that hate me.

Something to do with my personality.

Think she was my speech therapist.

No subtitles in The Avengers

Looks like the settings in HandBrake were wrong. Not encoding it again, takes to long, and can't play Saints Row: The Third while it's encoding. I suppose I could, but it might run like shit.

What CPU is good for encoding 4k?

HandBrake doesn't believe in GPU encoding, that means it uses the CPU, very slowly.

I couldn't get ffmpeg to work using the GPU. HandBrake might use ffmpeg, at least it knows what options to use.

Nice, it supports GPU encoding on AMD cards, but only in Windows 10.

If they add support to the Linux HandBrake, and my GPU can't do HEVC, I'll buy a AMD card that can.

My card use to support HEVC, maybe just not 4k.

Somebody should make a Linux only alternative to HandBrake, that has a non command line UI that supports GPU encoding. Then HandBrake can drop Linux support.

Justice League is done encoding, it's a little over an hour long, so it didn't take as long.

I have subtitles now, it's burned into the video. So you can't turn the subtitles off. Good enough for me. The file is only 1.6 GB. Probably smaller if you use very slow, and that'll probably take days, no video games till it's done.

A Threadripper might do the trick. I'd rather buy that then use Windows. Except, I'd need a new motherboard, and the Threadripper boards probably aren't cheap.

HandBrake doesn't use 100% of the CPU? No wonder Chromium works.

It's using almost 100% of all cores. Left just enough for Chromium. Sucks my motherboard probably won't support 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs. They might have one with more then 16 threads.

I need to change my name to Not Available

Then if somebody introduces themselves to me, I'll say "I'm Not Available". And they will say "I wasn't asking you out.", and I'll say "My name is Not Available". Then I'll show them my ID, and they'll say "I'm Not Available either".

Is 1a enough to charge the iPhone 7?

I have a old Dynex USB charger, that hasn't been used, it's smaller then my bigger USB battery.

I think the capacity is less then the iPhone 7 though. So you won't get a full charge with it.

It would be a slow charge, my other battery can charge faster. But it's bigger. Would either of them fit in my phone holster with the phone?

Isn't that a good reason to get white boxers?

Streak marks? What does my sister doing my laundry have to do with anything?

Also, if you wipe your ass good enough, you won't get streak marks.

She wouldn't tell me in the store why not to buy white boxers. I had to think of the reason myself. Except, it's not a good reason not to buy white boxers.

Two more movies

One from eBay, and one from target. The one at Target was $30 before tax.

Why is the cardboard on The Avengers beat up? That's the one from eBay, it was supposed to be new. They could of resealed the other part.

If it's not new, they should give me some money back, I paid for a new one.

OpenVPN drains my battery too

No different then the Librem Tunnel app. So I removed OpenVPN, and reinstalled Librem Tunnel. Somebody on Reddit said to change the handshake to ECC-256k1.

Did that, won't know if it makes a difference till later. You could also change it to IPsec.

Still draining the battery, it's responsible for 30% of battery usage. Changing the VPN type, probably is even less secure then changing it to ECC-256k1.

I like excuses to buy stuff. Like a battery case from ZeroLemon. Except, that's only really needed if my phone starts dying when I'm not home. I have a higher capacity powerbank, but then I'd have a cable dangling.

Think that case has a micro USB connector. So good luck using lightning headphones, or an adapter with it. Do micro USB adapters work? There's a cheap one on Amazon with a lightning port, but I wouldn't buy it. Cheap for a reason, it's probably crap.

No lightning port on a battery case, and I'm better off using my USB battery.

IPsec might not drain my battery, still 48%. I just spent a long time wiping my ass.

B&H Payboo has high interest rate

If you pay it off right after you buy something, do you pay interest? If you do, then the around 8% tax I'd get back, is useless, the interest is almost 30%.

Don't forget to pay it right away, otherwise, you'll be stuck with a 29.99% interest.

How long till the AMD Ryzen 7 2700 goes under $200?

My CPU costs like $160 now. I paid over $300 after tax. It's one of the first ones, with the Linux compiling bug.

I doubt my motherboard will support the 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs. Probably isn't enough flash for them to release a bios update to support it.

Maybe when the new ones come out, the price will go under $200. If not, then a year later it should. How many years did it take for my CPU to get under $200?

ZeroLemon iPhone 7 Battery Case 4000mAh

I had one of their cases for an LG G3 I think it was. The battery worked fine.

The iPhone 7 one is only $40.

That's more convenient then a cable dangling from your phone into Uranus, where you store an external battery, not sure it would fit there.

I can drive in Saints Row: The Third now

Pretty sure V-Sync was on. If you play games, and don't want V-Sync, don't use Mate. I was getting tearing earlier, which means no V-Sync.

Not sure if I can drive motorcycles now, game just crashed again. I think I know why it's crashing, the no blur mod.

Just deleted the mod files.

Hard to drive a motorcycle with shot out tires, and even harder when the game crashes. No idea if it auto saved before the crash.

And it got hard again, that could be tiredness. Might be the controller. The cars turn sharply, not just a little bit. Probably because I'm pushing on the joystick all the way. Apparently I forgot how to drive in video games.

I'd use FreedomPop

But their app freezes my phone. You need the app for the voice and texting part of their service, it uses VoIP.

Ultra Mobile doesn't require an app, it uses voice on the cell tower, not just data. Costs more though.

FreedomPop is probably cheaper then Unreal Mobile, which are both owned by the same company. So the Unreal Mobile app probably freezes my phone too.

The FreedomPop I got, is $50 for a year.

So if you turn Amazfit Bip's sleep tracking on, not the auto mode, it only measures from 8pm-6am? In that case, it'll never tell me how long I sleep.

That's a good reason to buy the new cheaper Pixel phone

Just to piss people off. And have them ask you questions like "You don't like your phone anymore?".

If I could put Linux on it, then the answer would be yes.

mophie makes a battery case for my iPhone 7, that should solve the battery draining problem. It has wireless charging too, assuming the wireless charging thing I have, is Qi, it should work.

So ZAGG re-brands it and sells it for less? The bad review 50 people found useful. I don't, just a bunch of cons that are useless and don't actually matter.