$40 is to much for a $100+ old wired Xbox One controller?

It's not a regular controller. It's a Pro controller.

That means, I don't need to buy a $200 controller. The stupid replacement plan costs $40. That's over $240 after the nice tax, almost $220 after tax without the replacement plan.

That's the problem with trying to sell it to people that know nothing, and don't even look up the controller. It costs over $100 used on eBay. Don't think anybody is buying it though.

I lied, there's one for $75, still more then $40.

And I still lied, the used ones are under $100. A new one is $150, an open box is $110.

If XScreenSaver crashes, you don't need to enter a password

Nice feature. I clicked esc two times, and it apparently crashed, was trying to get it to show the login prompt on my monitor, was probably on the TV, which isn't on 24/7.

So I guess you need a script that runs constantly, and checks if XScreenSaver is running, just put a while loop that never ends. Unless you kill the script. To lazy to do that, and don't care.

Just clicked esc a bunch of times, didn't crash it.

Linksys is still in business?

I wouldn't buy anything from them, I had a wireless ethernet adapter, and I updated the firmware, which killed it. That was before game consoles had built in WiFi.

Was looking to see if they have a ethernet switch on Best Buy's site, probably not with VLAN support. There's a cheaper and not shit brand on Amazon.


How does that work? Do you put your soles together? Mate your soles?

Nothing like taking a cold shower

For some reason, they decided to get rid of the hot water.

Didn't wash my hair or face, I don't like soaking my head in cold water. That's a bummer, I can't get a haircut today then. Didn't plan on getting a haircut anyways.

Don't date anybody you met on the internet

They are most likely hiding something and are desperate.

Unless, they have a public journal, then I guess they might not be hiding anything. Still desperate.

Something I heard, said people are meeting people over the internet now. That's the problem with being connected. You'll think somebody is fantastic, who is really an asshole.

Windows 10 super slow in VMware Player?

Step 1 - echo never > /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled
Step 2 - echo never > /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/defrag

Stolen from here. Funny, they claim some of their Windows VMs are fine, just Linux guests. Worked for me, don't know what "transparent_hugepage" is.

You can also disable it from grub, click the here link for what to use. I edited my grub file and ran update-grub. To bad, you can't disable it in VMware Player, the default setting isn't always, only for apps that can use it.

Who's worse Astro or Scuf?

They cost about the same, if you want wireless.

There's some bad reviews on the Astro, that the controller broke after three weeks. I can't justify $200 on a three week controller. It should be a 30 year controller for $200.

Looks like Scuf might die within a month too. How much is the Best Buy extended warranty? And will Best Buy still exist however long it is?

Costs $40 for the replacement plan. Is there a controller for $240 that doesn't die within a month?

Amazon doesn't offer an extended warranty.

There's a PS4 Razer controller, not sold officially in the US, there's a third party Amazon fulfilled seller. It's about $100. Not sure if you get a warranty.

Don't think I can use and Xbox One wireless PC adapter with my Brook adapter. Still probably less then $200 for a better adapter.

Seeing as I don't play the PS4, it doesn't matter if I have a controller I like. Not sure they will buy my Razer Wildcat for $40 though.

What about NACON? Slightly cheaper.

ASYMMETRIC WIRELESS CONTROLLER why does that need a bluetooth USB adapter? The PS4 has built in bluetooth. Europe only. Probably no warranty with any NACON controllers, not sold in the US officially.

Looks like the Astro is basically the only option, in a shithole country, like the US. Unless, you want to buy a not officially sold in the US controller.

Now to see what other Brook adapters there are. Says mine does wireless controllers, does it need a firmware update? You'd need a USB wireless adapter.

Not Compatible:
Microsoft:XBOX ONE Wireless Adapter

It has wireless built in? Cause I'm pretty sure, when I bought it, it didn't say wireless controllers worked. Downloading the manual to see what it says. After I see what happens if I try updating it. Booting my Windows 10 VM very slowly.

The firmware was updated. So it's the one that says some wireless controllers work.

Probably only supports the wireless controllers in wired mode.

The PDF I downloaded, is just firmware update instructions. Apparently I was supposed to put a checkmark by controller compatibility update.

Wired only. Doesn't say anything about wireless in the manual.

Wii/Wii-U/SW/PS4 to SW/PS4 Super Converter will that support wireless controllers? Cause I have a Powera Switch controller I like.

How does that work?

Taco Bell didn't give me the runs yet. But Chipotle did yesterday. Or maybe it wasn't Chipotle, something gave me the runs.

I'd think Taco Bell would more likely give you the runs.

Straw is clean

Walmart doesn't have the straws for my bottle. So I looked on their grocery pickup site, for a straw brush, they had one, it comes with a bottle brush too.

It got whatever was in my straw out.

Kind of a rip off though, my drink doesn't taste any better.

No food stamps till the 8th, so ordering online is fine, you can't use food stamps on Walmart's grocery pickup. When will they allow you to use food stamps? Then I'll never have to go inside a store again. Except, they don't have the floss things I buy on their pickup site, they have it in the store.