Funny how she's in a hurry to take me home now

Since her ex moved in. She used to get mad at me for wanting to go home to soon.

She's a hypocrite. Are they going to go out to eat on their divorce anniversary?

If Divinity: Original Sin 2 is turned based, how come there's no Switch version? You shouldn't need much GPU power for a turn based game. There's a PS4 and Xbox One version. But the Switch is the platform I'd want turn based on. Why is there some guy in that video? I want to see the game, not some hard to understand dude.

You basically get to make your own RPG. Sort of. Not my type of game. Can you play it without the Game master shit? So, I can make everybody an Ally? Can I make them all naked?

Says something about pen and paper RPG. I think I'll not buy it, since I won't play it anyways, it'll just sit on my drive forever.

Comcast is lucky I'm lazy

Might not switch my internet on the 1st. Don't feel like asking them if I'm still under contract.

Also, to lazy to use a Pi to get the internet on my existing network.

There's one site with the Raspberry Pi 4 4 GB in stock

In stock on

But I think they ship from the UK. Another site might, but I don't do business with sites that don't keep orders separate. When I ordered something, I could see somebody else's order.

It would take 12 days to get here.

Is 1 GB enough? Probably faster then my Pi Zero. That site probably isn't in the US either, their privacy is in Canada, they don't tell you on their site where they are located. No idea why not. Might as well buy the 4GB one from the UK.

And why is their site name have Chicago in it? Thought that meant a US site, apparently not. Their blog says they are in Florida now.

Why do they need private whois?

You can get the Atomic Pi with the baby power board, from them directly, it's in stock. But, you have to 3D print a case. Or look on eBay for one. None on Amazon. None on eBay either.

For $60, you can get the 2GB Pi 4, that includes the power supply and heat sinks, but no case. Is there a reason they don't sell a case? I don't want to order from two different sites.

I'll just enjoy my slow Pi Zero. Maybe someday, the 4 GB one will be in stock in the US, and everything else on the same site.

Got to buy a $30 Lightning to USB adapter anyways. To see if my external SSD works on my iPad with the iPadOS beta.

The new Raspbian does indeed make your Pi faster, edit sources.list, and change stretch to buster. Then run "apt-get update", and then "apt-get dist-upgrade". Nice, it killed the Pihole web interface.

The new Raspbian isn't supported. There we go, got the web interface working, you have to change one thing in /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf. FreeRADIUS is working now too. Needed to copy something else into the sites-enabled folder that I had to create.

I don't need an Atomic Pi now, the Pi Zero is way faster with the new Raspbian. I might buy a Raspberry Pi 4, it probably flies, the one with 4 GB of RAM.

I'll wait until the Pi 4 4GB is available from somebody in the US.

Also in stock at Also, added the link to the UK site at the top of this post. I probably won't buy one any time soon. A new CPU for my desktop would be better, costs way more though.

I can't see any reason for any women to like me

There's nothing good about me. I get more insane each year.

Did you know she has a magical bush?

If a woman changes her hair, I won't recognize her. Two different people did that, only recognized one of them after they said something.

Is that a sign of the thing some people get that they can't recognize people anymore? Then my anxiety will be high all the time. I'll think everybody is a stranger. And I'll be in danger.

Hell, I don't even know how to be nice to people.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

That looks like Diablo, except it's turned based, or so it says.

I like turned based games, but I don't like using Proton to play games. I'd need a external GPU to even attempt playing the mac version. The first game is native.

Can you play it by yourself? Cause I don't know anybody.

I'll buy a new Mac mini, when the ARM ones come out. Except, it'll probably start with laptops. Oh crap, that won't be running Intel binaries. I'll still buy one.

The first one is for Linux, so buy it and hope someday for a Linux port. Except, I probably won't play it. I haven't played any video games lately.

Maybe I should watch some nude women play video games.

I have until July 9th to get the discounted price. No need to buy yet then.

Not really Diablo like, if it's turned based. Seems like an odd game to be turn based.

iPadOS basically has Tasker like on Android phones

It's called Shortcuts, did iOS 13 get it too? I should install it on my phone. Except, I don't really need it. I had Tasker on Android and never used it.

There's only like three new things in iPadOS, Shortcuts, USB drives, and Sidecar. Sidecar is semi useless, only works with some apps. And to drag, you have to use two fingers. You might accidentally zoom in doing that.

I remember reading, that you can change what opens when you open the Camera app, so you can sort of change the default camera app. Can you do that with the Phone app? If you use FreedomPop, you have to use their shitty app that freezes your entire phone.

Change the Camera app to open porn. So when your gf tries to take a picture, she sees a bunch of woman with dicks. She might get pissed. Or turned on.

Well, looks like iPadOS can be used as desktop replacement. Or more so then the older iOS.

Wait a second, I can use that to run a speed test once a day. Then the iPad will be used, automatically by itself of course, does it take a screenshot? Probably won't work. If you could take a screenshot after 300 seconds, it would, no screenshot action.

iPadOS Sidecar isn't "compatible" with older Macs

Go to Reddit, and you'll find the command to run, to get Sidecar working. Just search Google, and go to the Reddit link.

No idea why Apple doesn't allow it on older Macs. Probably to try and force you to buy a new one. Works on 2012 Mac mini.

If you want Affinity Photo to be faster, make the window smaller. It was faster on iPad, disconnected from the iPad, and it was still fast in it's little window.

I thought the iPad had a higher resolution then my monitor though. So shouldn't it be bigger? You wouldn't be able to read the text.

Can somebody reverse engineer it, so I can use it in Linux? I'm to cheap to buy an external GPU enclosure, you need expensive cables. And I don't even know if you can unofficially make it work on Thunderbolt 1 with the latest macOS beta. I'd need an external GPU to make Affinity Photo work better in a bigger window.

Why did she say hi to me?

Must of only pissed off half of the building.

I should see if using my iPad as a display on my Mac mini works, both have the beta OS.

What was she asking me?

She gave me the look my dad did the last time I saw him. I said what to her, but I don't know if she heard me, or understood me.

My dad is dead. I'll be joining in in the near future. Not breathing while sleeping will kill you. I already went to the doctor, it'll take until next year to see the sleep doctor, I'll probably die before then. Tonka either woke me up cause she needed to go outside, or because I wasn't breathing, or both. She was licking me.

When sleeping, either in reality or my dream, I was making the humming noise, the one that'll let you leave your body. Except, it doesn't work in a dream. You have to do it in reality. You also have to be mediated for it to work.

I was also telling myself to shh. Don't know if either were done in reality.

Most likely both in my dream, cause Tonka didn't wake me up while doing it.

Another runny dump

At least, I can hold it in. Might need to take another one.

That's what I do once or twice a day, take a runny dump. I wonder if it's the artificial sweetener in my drink mix. Might just be lactose. I'll be throwing an unused jug of milk away, and some of another jug on Saturday. That's the due date. Don't buy milk at Costco, both of them have the same due date. And no lactose free milk.

That wouldn’t work

Living with somebody with only one bathroom. I can waste an hour or longer in the bathroom. Instead of wiping, keep reading stuff on the internet. Or typing like I am now.

On another note she needs to see a shrink about her anger. She’s yelling at me because she doesn’t believe me when I say people in the building don’t like me.

If she saw how they are acting then she’d have a different opinion. It is obvious she doesn’t like me either. So enjoy having dinner without me.

I was right

Women that lost custody of their kid(s) are bad news. Well, at least the ones in this building.

Not the person from a nut house. I wonder if she really sent me a text, or it was somebody my sister's husband had text me. That was when she was leaving him.

All I know, is it was an Alabama number.

One person, I was opening the door, and she was standing at a slight distance just looking at me oddly. Next time, I'll let the door close.

Need to upgrade my iPad

To the iPadOS beta. I already upgraded my Apple TV to the new OS, and my Mac mini.

Probably won't update my iPhone, phone might malfunction when I need it.

Looks like I need to back my iPad up first.

It's faster then the old iOS it had on it. Now, I just need a Lightning to USB adapter, to see if flash drives work with it now.

You know how the people in the building are acting?

Like the three females that hate me. Basically like children.

Shit or go back to bed?

Get the entire building to turn on a crazy lonely man. So, should I go to a gay bar, bring home a dude, and hold his hand while walking into the building? Just need to find a time she'll be outside or going in. That'll make her feel good. I'd rather bring a woman home and hold her hand on the way into the building.

So what, if she can't have me nobody can? Good luck with that, I don't want anybody in this building. There's more people in the world then this small building. Not everybody will believe her, and also, some people are more educated on insanity. Apparently nobody in this building.

That's what happens when everybody in your building stays home all day, they believe anything you tell em.

Find a woman with a cock, bring her home, on the way in turn her on, so she gets a hard on, then she'll see that the woman you are holding hands with has a dick. A trans woman is better then her, well pretty much any woman that doesn't live here is.

Need to find out if I'm still under contract with Comcast

So I can order ConnectAll. Loophole or not, I don't care. They've been serving poor people internet since 2015. And they already sued Sprint once, for shutting down the old WiMAX to quickly.

Just order it, and if still under contract, don't pay Comcast. Then I'll have bad credit, instead of no credit. Which is better? Probably bad, because you have credit that way.

You get up to 50 Mbps for the upload speed, you won't get that from Comcast for a good price, especially not for $12 a month.

People actually care about the 2020 election?

Why bother? I won't be voting. Politics is what will result in no more humans. I don't want to participate in something that causes people to murder each other.

What is she trying to accomplish?

People in this building might believe her, but there’s more people in the world that don’t live here.

So if she thinks it’s damaging me, it isn’t. Moving isn’t complicated.

Not everybody in the world will believe anything she says.

Note to anybody that lives in a low income building with people that mostly get social security, don’t date or want to date anybody in such a building. Hell, even being friends isn’t a good idea. The same applies if you go to a school for crazy people.

Somebody might seem nice, but they are single for a reason. Two crazy people doesn’t work, one person has to be more sane.

I’d be better off shoving a dildo up my ass then interacting with anybody in this building. Change that to “You’d”, and post a one star review on Google for this building.

That’s not how you get people to act how you think they should.

And it’s obvious she’s spreading rumors, one lady said hi to Tonka but not me. The person I said hi to some weeks or who knows how long ago, didn’t even say hi to Tonka, she used to always say hi to Tonka.

That’s probably what she’s trying to accomplish, getting me to move.

Get a gf that doesn’t live here, then move in with her. That’ll never happen though.

I could just stay here to be an asshole. Except, she’ll make stuff up to the manager to get me evicted, at least I won’t have rent then. Maybe my grandparents will want Tonka, she can’t live outside, not in the summer.