She just sort of looks at me now

Somebody I said hi to. She was saying hi to me. Now she doesn’t even say thank you for opening the door for her.

Maybe the rumor is I’m stalking the other person. Good stalker, don’t even need to talk or do much. Stalking in your mind is stalking? Thought that had something to do with reality.

That’s the only test you need to do. To find out what kind of people live in the building. Just look all pissed off to one person and see how everybody reacts. Then move to a different building.

It doesn’t matter if you are pissed at them. They’ll react how they are even if you aren’t.

New AC is installed

Wonder how long till it cools down to 72F. That's what it is set at. Closed the windows, you don't need em open with AC. CPU and GPU temperature went down already. Tonka is laying in the living room now, instead of in front of the fan.

Later it should be nice and cool. Took like a week or something. Oh and the filters are super easy to clean out, they pull right up.

She said once a month rinse em off.

The old one was broken for a while, so it technically took longer then a week to get a new one.

CPU went down another degree. Will it get under 30C? My bedroom was still hot, last time I went in there. I'll keep the fan Tonka took over on.

She said not to set it under 70, the compressor will freeze up. Or you can, but not very long. I'm lazy, and won't remember, so I'll leave it at 72, that's what he put it on.

Good job Google

Or me. Voice wasn't configured to forward calls to my T-Mobile number. That answers that, the bogus call yesterday, called my new T-Mobile number, the one ported from Ultra Mobile. They sold my number to spammers and scammers.

Maybe she'll call me again, so I don't have to call her. I don't know if she got my email about the AC.

I need to get Tonka a puppy

Some people in the building have a puppy, and two other dogs. I think I heard them call them a puppy, or somebody else in the yard.

Tonka sniffs them through the fence, and wags her tail. I think she wants to lick them. That's what she does to human babies too. She doesn't do any barking at them. They look like a good dog to pet. I don't have a key to the yard.

He has barked at Tonka, but I think he wanted to sniff her. Kind of funny how he's more interested in Tonka then the other two dogs. Probably because he's going to be bigger, like Tonka. Their other two dogs are small. Another reason not to go in the yard, I don't know how the other two would react.

My key to the yard doesn't work, a neighbor said they changed the lock. I never got a key. I don't even know if that guy is still here.

Do they still want their puppy? Cause I'll take him. I forgot how cute puppies are. Tonka might get grumpy if I got her a puppy. She might like them, but they would want to play with her. She's kind of old. I throw her toy sometimes, and she may or may not go and get it. If she does, she lays down with it. She grabs her toy when we are about to go outside. She tried bringing a toy once.

The answer is yes, they want their puppy. You don't need to ask, it's obvious.

Sweet, new AC very soon

Should probably call her back, don't know if she got my email. For some reason, my phone doesn't ring when she calls me.

Cause I might of answered it.


That is currently $30 on Steam. And it works in Linux. No Windows needed. It's turned based, my time of game, the strategy part not so much. That's probably why I suck at em, you need to think to play it. TV is better.

Apple might release ARM based Macs next year

Will there be a new mini? Make it so I can upgrade the RAM, or have the base one with the max RAM. Oh wait, I'm not opening any new Mac mini. I semi broke the one I bought on eBay, and couldn't even screw the fan down all the way. One of the studs came out, can't remove the screw from it, probably need a tool I don't have. Might have it at my mom's, in the tool set I have.

That doesn't explain why one screw won't go into anything. Unless another stud fell off, or it's not aligned properly.

The ARM CPUs will be their own. Android might be in more trouble, with their shitty CPUs. Apple hired somebody that was the lead something at ARM. They've worked for Intel and AMD too.

Sad that Android CPUs are just now catching up. Why pay $700 for a Android phone, that is as slow as a 2016 iPhone? Shouldn't it be faster? I paid around $400 for my iPhone 7, with a case. That's a way better deal.

It'll be some time before I buy a new phone. Might not happen till they shutdown 4G LTE on T-Mobile. Then I can just use it as a WiFi phone. Or get an implant, and become trans human.

The Subaru dealership is a dick

Whatever one my mom got her current vehicle at. Said I could watch TV and change the channel. So I changed the channel, then I left the TV for some reason, came back, the remote was gone, and it was on golf.

Who the hell wants to watch golf?

Also, why pay for cable if you just want to watch golf? You can probably get that OTA. If not, you can probably get it on the internet.

EON Super 64 plug-and-play HDMI adapter for the Nintendo 64

Can you plug that into a capture card?

Either way, I need to buy a Nintendo 64 now. Sucks, they cost at least $80 on eBay, without a controller, $100 with a controller.

Might be able to find a dirty one for less.

The EVERDRIVE64 is expensive, $107 for the not as good one, or $175 for the better one. You'll probably want the one that supports real time clock games, so that's $175.

Well, that might be cheaper then buying a shitload of games.

Wait, some newer TVs don't support 480p? That's a bummer. Might as well buy the Open Source Scan Converter, it costs more though.

You could use an emulator, but I like looking at the old console.

That might stop my LG soundbar from turning itself on

I think I was supposed to click "auto power off". Thought that was for controlling it to auto power itself off. Think it means to turn auto power off.

I was clicking "auto power on", guess that doesn't toggle it.

That’s rude

Rejecting the call instead of letting it ring and go to voicemail. So maybe I’ll reject her call if she ever calls me.

Why is the internet slower on Mac mini?

Maybe the ethernet cable is bad. It was the only one long enough, but not to long. A speed test is fine. Don't remember what the latency is.

Put Linux on it, that'll speed it up. Kind of defeat the point of buying it though.

Craigslist must not be a world wide site

They block Tor, which means you block people in censored countries.

I won't block Tor for that reason. Just go to Craigslist in Tor, you won't get access to their site.

Craigslist had to block it, because they can't hire moderators to delete illegal stuff. Now, they got rid of their ramming sections, for the same reason. They might not of passed the law they did, if Craigslist actually did something about illegal posts.

They could just get rid of the US section. It's legal in the UK, you can sell your body. Well, except, you might not be allowed to advertise it. So, I have no idea how that works.

That's a rumor

Assuming I'm mad at her, and telling everybody that.

Not the kind of person I want to associate with.

Also, if she tells everybody that, and she knew more then she does now about me, who knows what else she'd tell everybody. Probably stuff I forgot about.

Tell em all I like trans porn. I don't care. Go to any of my blogs, and you'll see I already told the world.

She clearly doesn't know anything about mentally challenged folks. They don't operate in a rational way.

Don't worry, I'll move as soon as I can. And continue looking at trans porn. I don't need humans.

See, my subconscious is great. It allows me to avoid bad people.

Just because I have zero life experience, doesn't mean I'll be friends or anything else with the first person showing interest in me. That's what my subconscious is for, it has lots of experience.

I went out a different way, because she hates my guts, didn't want to make her uncomfortable.

I'll be sure not to respond to anybody saying anything to me when I move. They can ask a question, and they will get zero response.

emuMMC might not like my SD card

That's a bummer. Don't think it likes my Lexar card either. So, it only works with SamHung cards? That's a bummer.

Sorry, I'm mentally challenged

I should say that to her, if I ever see her again.

Or just say that to everybody I see. Including those that don't live here. Some will say "Okay?".

Does Mobile Citizen still use Sprint's old WiMAX?

If so, it probably won't work here. Therefore, false advertising, they link to Sprint's coverage, don't think that includes WiMAX, which might not even exist anymore.

There's an ancient article on CNN.

Except, it says 4G LTE. Doesn't mention WiMAX.

Well, the article provided proof, that I doubt they will cease to exist in 90 days. Probably not even a year.

I'm still to lazy to use it with my existing router. Using my extra Pi Zero, would work, but remember, I'm lazy.

You have to prove you are nonprofit, or low income to get it. But there is a review on Reddit, they were told they have good Sprint coverage, but it didn't work. That's why I need to find somebody with a Sprint phone, to see if they get a signal in my apartment.

But, if Sprint tries shutting them down, there will be a lawsuit. They have proof from everybody that gets it, that they are nonprofit or low income. The judge will ask Sprint why they hate low income and nonprofit people. Or not, they'll just let em shut it down. And Sprint might look really bad to some people.

I wouldn't call it exactly a loophole. Sprint should of known about Mobile Citizen Internet before purchasing the other company. They are a major dick if they shutdown Mobile Citizen Internet.

I could see it maybe being shutdown if T-Mobile and Sprint merge. They should just offer it directly, for $12 or $10, to low income and nonprofits. At least then people will get better support. The person that bought it, and it didn't work, they wouldn't respond to their emails, about it not working. So I don't think they got their money back. If I order it, I'll use my cash card. Might be easier to dispute with that then my credit union card. Also, if I can't cancel on their site, I can just not put any money in it, and it'll be declined. Except, I use that card for other stuff.

Also, I think the thing has a firewall. That won't protect you against somebody stealing the WiFi on it. Unless the USB data isn't disabled, then you can just disable WiFi on it. But it's outdated Linux.


That is coming to the Switch. I won't be playing it, not my type of game. Why buy a new game that looks like that? I can just play old SNES games if I want that.

Also, it's only $5 currently on Steam. I wouldn't pay more then $5 for it.

You can probably play it with Intel video, probably even whatever my Mac mini has.

Are they going to release a SNES version for $5? To bad my SNES is dead.

Doesn't look like using the Mac mini as a "modem" would work very well

You'd have to block all incoming connections for everything, assuming the built in one does that, the one in system settings with no options really. It'll block all incoming connections, but to the bridge?

And the firewall GUI I found for the other firewall macOS has, apparently that is IP based, you can't specify the interface.

Better off making a VM on my desktop. Or keeping Comcast. The lazy way is keeping Comcast, so I'll probably do that. No wonder they don't give you an actual modem, just a hotspot thing, they know most people are to lazy or stupid to use it with their existing network.