No WordPress Here

Enjoy trying to hack it now. Hugo is nice, had to modify a Python script to get it converted correctly, with [gallery] support.

exitwp-for-hugo is the script, modified here.

The modified script doesn’t use html2text, didn’t remove everything related to it in though.

Use that script at your own risk. You might have issues with your CSS if you have more than one [gallery] on the same post.

#gallery-1 {
#gallery-1 .gallery-item{
#gallery-1 img{
    border:2px solid #cfcfcf
#gallery-1 .gallery-caption{

[caption] isn’t supported and neither are [code] tags. You can replace the [code] tags by editing the config, if you use <pre>, you can use highlight.js.

For the archives, see this.

My working code below:

            {{- $stamped_terms := slice -}}
            {{- range $term, $value := .Site.Taxonomies.month -}}
                {{- $last_stamp := (index $value.Pages.ByDate.Reverse 0).Date.Unix -}}
                {{- $term_stamp := dict "term" $term "stamp" $last_stamp -}}
            {{- $stamped_terms = $stamped_terms | append $term_stamp -}}
            {{- end -}}
            {{ range $stamp := sort $stamped_terms "stamp" "desc" -}}
            {{- $key := index $stamp "term" -}}
            {{- $value := index $.Site.Taxonomies.month $key -}}
                {{- $first_post := index $value.Pages.ByDate 0 -}}
                <a href="/blog/{{ $key }}/">{{ $first_post.Date.Format "January 2006" }} ({{ $value.Count }})</a>
            {{ end }}

New posts, will require manually adding month and year to the header. There could be a GUI/frontend for it, I’m not aware of any. TextEdit works fine, my other text editor has no spell checking. The one I use for code.