I Gambled And Lost

Bought an iPhone 8 from Woot. The screen has a bunch of hairline cracks. The earpiece doesn’t work. That is the earpiece doesn’t get very loud, so it’s useless, if you can only barely hear the other person.

That’s two phones with issues from Woot, my sister got an iPhone 6S, the battery was useless. I think she sent it back, good idea, probably would of found out more was wrong with it, if she got the battery replaced. I was thinking about replacing the screen on the 8, not a anymore.

I thought she just got unlucky and got a bad one. Now, it’s two phones with issues, they clearly don’t test the phones, or even look at it. Who wants a phone with a bunch of hairline cracks? Not me. I guess, I didn’t read it right, thought only the body would be beat up. Also, wouldn’t expect anything to not work right.

I had to rush to restore my iPhone 7, the counselor is calling today. Oh, and the earpiece works fine on it. So, it’s not T-Mobile. The iPhone 8 is supposed to be fully unlocked. I emailed support like their site said, to ask to return it. Since it has a battery. It’ll be a week or longer before I get my money back.

I’ll never buy anything with a screen from Woot again. Better, I’ll never buy any electronic from Woot.

Oh and I think she said she emailed the wrong address the first time, most likely what their site said, I did the same thing. So that’ll delay it too.

Got a return label. Funny, how they said they don’t have a replacement to send me. I didn’t want a replacement anyways.

Hopefully they can open it without destroying the label inside it, that they said to put in it. And hopefully it really is reset, I told it to reset. I’m not ripping it open to check.