Barney will most likely be moving out tomorrow. Some people can tolerate feeling angry and agitated, that is at the same time. Not me. If I knew he would make me feel this way, I wouldn’t of agreed to take him home.

The only training he has, is potty trained. He might of potty trained himself, by sitting in his own urine and shit though.

Somebody that knows how to take care of dogs, can get him. That isn’t an insane asshole.

I prefer to avoid agitation. There’s no magic drug, as far as I know, to get rid of it. Zyprexa doesn’t. Exercise probably doesn’t either. The agitation is most likely for an irrational reason.

It can also be, because of depression. They claim exercise helps that. You can exercise without a dog. Getting a dog, when you are so depressed, you are agitated, is not a good idea. Apparently the dog, is what will trigger the agitation.

Not sleeping as long as I usually do, also doesn’t help. Going back to bed after taking him outside, probably doesn’t help either. I have zero energy for a dog, or any other animal.

She can be mad at me all she wants. Not everybody can take care of a puppy. And he’s not the only animal bothering me either. Any animal wanting a lot of attention, bothers me. It’s only a matter of time, before her cat(s) start bothering me. Being able to sleep, and go to the bathroom, in peace, might prevent any other animals from bothering me.

Chibi agitated me, and I have zero idea of why. The only thing I can think of, is somebody got all angry at her for looking at them while eating or something. After that, she caused severe agitation. I couldn’t even pet her. Doesn’t matter how long ago, that event took place, the agitation is still here, and she isn’t. If I dream about her, I get agitated. I vaguely recall punching the bed while sleeping, not sure what I was dreaming, I don’t recall that part. Just that I was punching the bed in my sleep.

Well, I failed whatever I was supposed to learn. Off to recycling I go, when I die. Reincarnation has already been proven. And, if I can barely eat food, without stomach doing weird shit, I might not live that long. Some people have memory from their previous life, usually goes away when they are an adult.

Lucky for me, I have zero memory of anything before this life. It’s probably a good thing. As, I probably wouldn’t still be alive. I’m guessing I made horrible choices in my previous lives.

If somebody is angry at you, don’t answer the phone, if they call. Got to go to bed, so if she calls again tonight, I’ll be sleeping.

Not everybody deserves love, I don’t.

Have you ever felt agitation? I don’t know how to describe it. It’s not a thought, it’s an actual feeling, like anxiety and depression, those both are in your stomach. Or at least my stomach. Agitation is almost like a sore.

The doctor believes more of what I say, then my mom.

Now where is the agitation feeling? In my stomach too? I don’t recall. As, I avoid it like the plague. I think it is my stomach. It’s a feeling, like being punched, you can feel. I’m not talking about just in your head. Like love, you can’t psychically feel, as far as I know.

So, I only feel three things? Depression, anxiety, and agitation. Great way to live. Oh wait, four things, guilt. Guild and bad can be the same thing.

There’s no cure for depression. Oh wait, I can think of one. Depends what state you are in, if it’s legal. And it’s probably not legal in any state, that might only apply for cancer and stuff. Apparently depression, isn’t terminally ill.