Bodhi might lose his mind if he ever sees me again

I might wait until my next doctor appointment to go to her house. Also, I don’t know if I can eat the things she makes for dinner.

I found two recipes to try, you can cook lentils in a rice cooker. That’s a lentil and rice recipe, the other recipe is a black beans and rice recipe.

Eating healthy is a pain in the ass, you have to find recipes. Apparently Apple added Samba printing support to iOS, just connect to my local VPN, and I can print, easiest way to access the wired VLAN, without changing the firewall, it’s isolated, or mostly isolated from each other.

Does show the printer without the VLAN, but I doubt it can connect. I setup something that rebroadcasts stuff from one VLAN to a different one, I should get rid of that. A VPN is a much better solution. You just allow access to one thing in the firewall config if you use a VPN.

Either Apple did that, or Samba got updated to make it work with iOS. No more having to print from my computer.

Bodhi thinks I’m his playmate. His playmate is having serious health issues.

The lentil recipe won’t exactly be vegetarian, I’m putting chicken base in it. It appears to have no fat, I looked at the label on the picture.

All the doctor said yesterday, was to go to the ER if my breathing gets worse. And to make a follow up appointment for a week or two. But I doubt I can see my doctor before February. So she has to call, and see if it matters who I see.

Heart rate is still elevated. The anxiety might make it higher as well. At the doctor, the nurse I assume she was, had me walk, and my heart rate went down. Sick + anxiety, apparently means a high heart rate. I wasn’t aware of the anxiety, just a high heart rate, because she told me.

If you’ve had anxiety your entire life, you are so used to it, you don’t even notice it. Dogs will notice my anxiety when I don’t. Tonka was great at that. The anxiety has to get pretty high for me to notice it.

Hopefully if Bodhi jumps on the couch and sits where I sit, somebody sees him, and takes a picture. He will get on their bed and a chair in the living room when he’s left at home. So if I don’t see him for a month, he may do something like that. He also might tackle me when he sees me.

If I end up getting my gallbladder removed, I could easily not go over there for a month. Don’t think you are supposed to do much right after surgery. It’s also possible they will accidentally kill me, with the drug they knock you out with.

I don’t really want a near death experience. Most people want to stay where they go, but you have no choice, and will get sent back if that’s what God wants. Don’t really want a out of body experience either, as then I’d be watching them perform surgery on me, I don’t want to see that. I just want to wake up and know nothing about the surgery. If it’s like sleeping but without dreams, that’ll be perfect.

They haven’t ordered an ultra scan or whatever yet. Got an x-ray and EKG yesterday. The x-ray they take to your room is much easier, you don’t have to do much.

The standup x-ray, you might need assistance with where to stand. The worker lady had to help adjust me.

Do they only have the mobile x-rays at the hospital? I think that’s when I got one, in Newport, Oregon, I had a lung infection. Got a cat scan too.

Speaking of cat scans, I got one at the ER again, but they found nothing. No hot flashes, just a warm butt, like warm diarrhea. Got hot flashes the first time, which was awesome, I was looking forward to that, and only got a warm ass.

I had a new symptom, so they probably weren’t focused on the puking thing. I haven’t puked again.

But my stomach slightly hurts after shitting now.

She said I should wear my watch all the time. Probably a good idea. Then I’ll know if my heart rate ever goes back down. Just won’t wear it when shitting, don’t want to get shit on it.

I had diarrhea last night, possibly from what I ate, a microwave noodle thing we got at Rite Aid. That’s better then puking, unless you are sleeping.

No waking up all night not breathing last night, the breathing is almost back to normal. I did fall off the bed, and give myself a charlie horse in the left leg. I made it back in bed though.

Not as conscious while sleeping, which is good, as I might not wake myself up because of a dream. I started taking all my medicine again, except the pro biotics. I’m paranoid that might mess something up. Not sure how much they help anyways. Considering I’ll probably never eat cheese again, I probably don’t need pro biotics anymore. You get less diarrhea if cheese gives you diarrhea, but you take pro biotics, doesn’t work for everybody.

Not sure it’s really lactose intolerant. Might be IBS.

I might start losing weight though. Since I’m not eating very much. If my heart rate doesn’t go down before the next appointment, I might lose weight until it. They’ll probably notice on their scale as well. And ask “Have you been eating?”, and I’ll say “Yeah way less though”. That could be a problem, if all the sudden you have not much of an appetite.

Not sure that’s the case, might be paranoia about puking. I’ll need the head doctor for that. I’m already on medicine for paranoid people, so there’s nothing they can do. You can’t convince me more food won’t make me puke.

If the doctor says to lose weight, maybe I’ll get down to 100 pounds, and then the doctor will say I need to gain weight, so gain all the weight you lost, and she’ll say you need to lose weight again, and I’ll say “But you said to gain weight”. Just eat lots of cookies, and get diabetes. I just want to hear a doctor tell me to gain weight.

There must be something seriously wrong with me

If a homeless man can get a gf, there must be something seriously wrong with me.

Just watch Lead Me Home on Netflix.

Is possibly having diabetes and a bad gallbladder something seriously wrong with you? Or being insane?

I never knew homelessness was so bad, that is what happens to homeless people.

I almost cried more than once, or maybe actually crying. I didn’t take my anti depressant last night. Didn’t want to puke.

So what, I care about people if I’m depressed? But if I’m not depressed, I could care less? Makes perfect sense.

Good idea, don’t take my anti depressant anymore. That’ll end well. Then I’ll be too depressed to want a gf.

There’s some hot ladies working at Sacred Heart. That’s why it’s my favorite hospital.

Do they do sex changes there? I want to be no sexual, that is have no penis or pussy. Then you can’t call me a faggot anymore, since I won’t have a gender anymore. I’ll like whatever the fuck I want, and there’s no insult you can give me anymore.

Except, I’ll fail the sanity test, so bad they didn’t give me a sanity test, when I said I want no dick or pussy. Where will the piss come out? My nose?

Sideline is horrible

Tried switching to Sideline from Google Voice, so I won’t lose my number if Google ever decides to terminate my Google account for some reason.

Well I ported the number, but if you called it using T-Mobile, it said the number isn’t in service.

Their support just said “Unfortunately this is not something on our end that is causing this issue. This is an issue on T-Mobile side and unfortunately we are not able to troubleshoot.”.

I had to use their chat to get a response, they seemed to be ignoring my ticket. If you read the reviews on the App Store, somebody else got the not in service problem as well.

So port the number back to Google Voice? Nope, it’s now classified as a VoIP number, and Google won’t let you port it. I read that before porting it to Sideline, but I figured Sideline would be fine.

I ported the number to magicJack, I have no phone plugged into the magicJack. I use the magicApp, and I enabled SMS.

Turns out you can’t get short codes on magicJack, but it’s cheaper then Sideline, so I don’t care.

OpenPhone can’t get short codes either, one reason I didn’t port there. I’m guessing magicJack is using the same SMS service.

If I ever want to plug an ancient phone into the magicJack I can.

No short codes means less spam anyways. If you need to get a verification code, and SMS is the only option, you are out of luck. Unless they use a 10 digit phone number.

I left a one star review in the App Store for Sideline. I don’t think they give a shit if they keep customers.

Yes, I can receive calls from T-Mobile on magicJack. No not in service message.

I’m not contacting T-Mobile for Sideline. That’s the worst customer support ever.