Sideline is horrible

Tried switching to Sideline from Google Voice, so I won’t lose my number if Google ever decides to terminate my Google account for some reason.

Well I ported the number, but if you called it using T-Mobile, it said the number isn’t in service.

Their support just said “Unfortunately this is not something on our end that is causing this issue. This is an issue on T-Mobile side and unfortunately we are not able to troubleshoot.”.

I had to use their chat to get a response, they seemed to be ignoring my ticket. If you read the reviews on the App Store, somebody else got the not in service problem as well.

So port the number back to Google Voice? Nope, it’s now classified as a VoIP number, and Google won’t let you port it. I read that before porting it to Sideline, but I figured Sideline would be fine.

I ported the number to magicJack, I have no phone plugged into the magicJack. I use the magicApp, and I enabled SMS.

Turns out you can’t get short codes on magicJack, but it’s cheaper then Sideline, so I don’t care.

OpenPhone can’t get short codes either, one reason I didn’t port there. I’m guessing magicJack is using the same SMS service.

If I ever want to plug an ancient phone into the magicJack I can.

No short codes means less spam anyways. If you need to get a verification code, and SMS is the only option, you are out of luck. Unless they use a 10 digit phone number.

I left a one star review in the App Store for Sideline. I don’t think they give a shit if they keep customers.

Yes, I can receive calls from T-Mobile on magicJack. No not in service message.

I’m not contacting T-Mobile for Sideline. That’s the worst customer support ever.