There must be something seriously wrong with me

If a homeless man can get a gf, there must be something seriously wrong with me.

Just watch Lead Me Home on Netflix.

Is possibly having diabetes and a bad gallbladder something seriously wrong with you? Or being insane?

I never knew homelessness was so bad, that is what happens to homeless people.

I almost cried more than once, or maybe actually crying. I didn’t take my anti depressant last night. Didn’t want to puke.

So what, I care about people if I’m depressed? But if I’m not depressed, I could care less? Makes perfect sense.

Good idea, don’t take my anti depressant anymore. That’ll end well. Then I’ll be too depressed to want a gf.

There’s some hot ladies working at Sacred Heart. That’s why it’s my favorite hospital.

Do they do sex changes there? I want to be no sexual, that is have no penis or pussy. Then you can’t call me a faggot anymore, since I won’t have a gender anymore. I’ll like whatever the fuck I want, and there’s no insult you can give me anymore.

Except, I’ll fail the sanity test, so bad they didn’t give me a sanity test, when I said I want no dick or pussy. Where will the piss come out? My nose?