Failed another dog

Got a ten day notice, about Ruby biting a dog, who somebody claimed needed stitches. Just says they required vet care. They for some reason gave me a duplicate of the same 10 day notice, so it looks like I got two. She did bite a dog before that as well. They didn’t need stitches, but were limping for a few days.

My sister took her back to Julia’s Jungle today. You could tell she knew something was happening today. She probably even tried telling me she didn’t want to go back.

The only dogs I know how to handle are dogs like Tonka and Buddy. Not a young Border Collie with zero training. I can’t even keep her from jumping on people. And I think the rule says your dog isn’t allowed to do that either.

She probably wasn’t getting her needs met here, she didn’t like walks, she’d rather run in a yard, don’t have a yard she can run in. She needs to run in a yard more than once a day.

Since my sister adopted her, I probably wasn’t supposed to have her. My mom couldn’t even take her back.

Scraps came out a while back, don’t remember when. They were looking for an Australian Shepherd type dog. Probably looking for Ruby, but got bad info. They asked me when I came outside, if I knew about such a dog on the floor I’m on.

Hopefully somebody with a yard adopts her, and no other pets. Training her around other pets would be difficult. Especially in an apartment.

She was super nervous at my mom’s, there’s no way being over there would work. She’d have to muzzle train Bodhi and her at the same time. They don’t get along.

What happens if my nephew gets in the middle and gets bit?

Bodhi was happy today, I went directly in her house, so he got to say hi, and bring me toys to not let go of. He prefers to play tug a war. At least somebody is happy today.

Well, I learned my lesson, I can’t take care of a dog, if they aren’t Tonka or Buddy. It only took getting two dogs, the first dog I didn’t really want.

Ruby did nothing wrong, only I did.