Going to switch my other site to that, I already imported the posts, from WordPress.

But it seems to generate faster then the static generator I was using for WordPress.

The theme will be different, and I probably won’t do much to the theme I found. I’m too lazy.

But it’ll be a while before I can switch, it requires lots of work.

And it looks like I’m using the wrong paginate plugin, nice.

I also might get too lazy to finish the switch. So I might just leave the other site dead, with no new posts.

Might have to modify the WordPress import script, as I don’t want all the data it puts in the post files. And apparently the feed plugin, you can’t hide certain stuff. If it puts that email in it, I’ll get a lot of spam. Nobody emails that email. Rather keep it that way.

She knows nothing about me

Is that supposed to be funny or sad? She’s known me my entire life, but clearly doesn’t know anything about me, nor understand me.

Posting on my other blog takes too long, almost two hours to generate the static site now. I guess an update in Manjaro made it slower, perhaps the kernel update did. Used to take around 50 minutes.

Into the Deep

They have horrible people in Denmark too. At least he got a life sentence.

Apparently the filming, helped convict him.

No idea if they have the death penalty in Denmark. Either way, life locked up is worse, now he gets to be bored till he dies. Will he be the same in his next life? Perhaps they should also keep him alive forever. Locked up, and alive forever. That’s worse then the death penalty.

Apparently they speak English in Denmark. I’d move there rather they speak English or not. Trump would probably have a bad time in Denmark. The ladies might be hairy in Denmark, depending on where you go in Denmark.

Oh wait, there’s a woman, on a documentary about the conspiracies Trumpets believe, that has hairy arm pits. I’ll pass though, she said she’s 48 years old. And she loves Trump. And lies.

Some guy that watches Fake News(Fox News), told me not to watch anything about conspiracies, yet he does so. So why shouldn’t I watch stuff about Aliens? When it makes way more sense then the shit on Fake News. An empty massive universe makes no sense. Not to mention, the military claims they can’t tell the difference between a weather balloon and a flying saucer, I don’t believe them.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a raft to catch.

BuyVM really is crap

At some point, the block storage stopped working, and /home is on it, so this site was a 404 error.

Is there enough space on the SSD for /home? As I can’t login by SSH either, since the key is on the block storage. I could just mount that folder, to a folder on the SSD.

But SSH won’t help. You have to power the fucker off, detach the block storage, attach, and then boot. If you just power off, and try booting, it won’t boot.

If I knew a provider with block storage for as cheap, I’d consider switching my host.

Does their API support detaching volumes? As you could make a script to check if the site is a 404 error, then you know the block storage is probably broken, and it can fix it for you. I’m lazy though.

I only know how to fix it, because I emailed support once. But they should really fix their shit.

Manjaro + custom kernel = bad time

Apparently the linux-tkg kernel I was using, had issues, I compiled it with mostly the default options. Perhaps the scheduler, I think it was PDS, has issues.

I froze my computer by trying to switch the TTY. I call it a terminal, but I think the correct word is TTY. I then clicked the button on USB switcher, and then again, but no lights on mouse or keyboard, so computer was completely locked up.

Being able to switch the TTY is good, in case something freezes, but computer isn’t completely locked up.

Well, I learned my lesson, don’t use a custom kernel in Manjaro.

Firefox in Flatpak in Xorg is still broken, no idea what’s wrong with it. If hardware acceleration is enabled, it looks like this.

Firefox in Xorg with Flatpak with hardware acceleration used to work fine. Probably a Manjaro problem, as if you search for the problem, you’ll find nothing. And an update broke it. I’m too lazy to switch to unstable Manjaro, and see if it fixes it. Also, I don’t want unstable.

Manjaro issues

Well, I can see why people don’t recommend Manjaro now. I went to the bathroom, looked like it was on lock screen, could move the cursor, but couldn’t login, couldn’t change to a terminal, even ctrl + alt + del did absolutely nothing.

It could be a KDE and/or Wayland problem.

Either way, that may be my last straw. And the distro may now be switched. Think I should use something not based on Arch Linux, but I don’t know what. I don’t know if newer packages is going to be more stable. Therefore using Arch Linux, or something else based on it, might not fix anything.

I could just go back to Xorg. Does Firefox Flatpak work in it yet? Probably not.

I had to click the button on case, to turn it off, and back on. Since it decided the keyboard isn’t going to work anymore. The keyboard must work, I’m typing this.

Maybe the Local thing for WordPress, is fucking it up somehow.

But since I want AMD GPU support in Stable Diffusion, that limits the distros I can use. I don’t exactly want to use Ubuntu, but it might be more stable then Manjaro. Which is pretty fucking sad, that Manjaro is worse then Ubuntu.

And if I want newer packages, all I have to do is switch to the unstable repo.

That’s the first time that has happened.

“Could not find the Plasmoid for Plasma” maybe that’s the problem. Or maybe not.

Perhaps KDE is buggy shit. Gnome is too hard to use. XFCE isn’t great for games. Don’t really play games on desktop anymore though. Switching to unstable, might fix KDE. You’ll get updates faster.