BuyVM really is crap

At some point, the block storage stopped working, and /home is on it, so this site was a 404 error.

Is there enough space on the SSD for /home? As I can’t login by SSH either, since the key is on the block storage. I could just mount that folder, to a folder on the SSD.

But SSH won’t help. You have to power the fucker off, detach the block storage, attach, and then boot. If you just power off, and try booting, it won’t boot.

If I knew a provider with block storage for as cheap, I’d consider switching my host.

Does their API support detaching volumes? As you could make a script to check if the site is a 404 error, then you know the block storage is probably broken, and it can fix it for you. I’m lazy though.

I only know how to fix it, because I emailed support once. But they should really fix their shit.