Into the Deep

They have horrible people in Denmark too. At least he got a life sentence.

Apparently the filming, helped convict him.

No idea if they have the death penalty in Denmark. Either way, life locked up is worse, now he gets to be bored till he dies. Will he be the same in his next life? Perhaps they should also keep him alive forever. Locked up, and alive forever. That’s worse then the death penalty.

Apparently they speak English in Denmark. I’d move there rather they speak English or not. Trump would probably have a bad time in Denmark. The ladies might be hairy in Denmark, depending on where you go in Denmark.

Oh wait, there’s a woman, on a documentary about the conspiracies Trumpets believe, that has hairy arm pits. I’ll pass though, she said she’s 48 years old. And she loves Trump. And lies.

Some guy that watches Fake News(Fox News), told me not to watch anything about conspiracies, yet he does so. So why shouldn’t I watch stuff about Aliens? When it makes way more sense then the shit on Fake News. An empty massive universe makes no sense. Not to mention, the military claims they can’t tell the difference between a weather balloon and a flying saucer, I don’t believe them.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a raft to catch.