Manjaro + custom kernel = bad time

Apparently the linux-tkg kernel I was using, had issues, I compiled it with mostly the default options. Perhaps the scheduler, I think it was PDS, has issues.

I froze my computer by trying to switch the TTY. I call it a terminal, but I think the correct word is TTY. I then clicked the button on USB switcher, and then again, but no lights on mouse or keyboard, so computer was completely locked up.

Being able to switch the TTY is good, in case something freezes, but computer isn’t completely locked up.

Well, I learned my lesson, don’t use a custom kernel in Manjaro.

Firefox in Flatpak in Xorg is still broken, no idea what’s wrong with it. If hardware acceleration is enabled, it looks like this.

Firefox in Xorg with Flatpak with hardware acceleration used to work fine. Probably a Manjaro problem, as if you search for the problem, you’ll find nothing. And an update broke it. I’m too lazy to switch to unstable Manjaro, and see if it fixes it. Also, I don’t want unstable.