Manjaro issues

Well, I can see why people don’t recommend Manjaro now. I went to the bathroom, looked like it was on lock screen, could move the cursor, but couldn’t login, couldn’t change to a terminal, even ctrl + alt + del did absolutely nothing.

It could be a KDE and/or Wayland problem.

Either way, that may be my last straw. And the distro may now be switched. Think I should use something not based on Arch Linux, but I don’t know what. I don’t know if newer packages is going to be more stable. Therefore using Arch Linux, or something else based on it, might not fix anything.

I could just go back to Xorg. Does Firefox Flatpak work in it yet? Probably not.

I had to click the button on case, to turn it off, and back on. Since it decided the keyboard isn’t going to work anymore. The keyboard must work, I’m typing this.

Maybe the Local thing for WordPress, is fucking it up somehow.

But since I want AMD GPU support in Stable Diffusion, that limits the distros I can use. I don’t exactly want to use Ubuntu, but it might be more stable then Manjaro. Which is pretty fucking sad, that Manjaro is worse then Ubuntu.

And if I want newer packages, all I have to do is switch to the unstable repo.

That’s the first time that has happened.

“Could not find the Plasmoid for Plasma” maybe that’s the problem. Or maybe not.

Perhaps KDE is buggy shit. Gnome is too hard to use. XFCE isn’t great for games. Don’t really play games on desktop anymore though. Switching to unstable, might fix KDE. You’ll get updates faster.