is gone

Looks like I don’t have a backup of it at all. Going to login to BuyVM, but they probably deleted my backups. Oh well.

That means, it too can be a static site. I’ll buy a cheap theme for it instead, too lazy to convert the old theme. Just buy a better HTML theme.

No I don’t like WordPress. Too much work. If it’s static HTML, I don’t have to update anything. Only ExtraVM does. Is uploading images with rsync supposed to be super slow?

Guess I should have got closer hosting.

Oh and Cloudflare made my other site faster. ExtraVM said to use Cloudflare for HTTPS DDOS protection.

I should have been using Cloudflare with BuyVM, and not paid for the DDOS protection. That wouldn’t solve the needing to manage the server problem though. I ain’t paying for server management, well you can get some kind of cloud management crap for cheaper.

But it’ll probably cost more then $4 or whatever ExtraVM costs.