RIP Chairman Meow

I think it was Tuesday, they murdered him. I call it murder, because that’s what it feels like when they put your pet down.

No crying yet, perhaps I don’t give a fuck anymore.

He was probably the best cat she ever had. He was super friendly. He liked sitting in my lap, until something happened, either I got fatter, or he couldn’t get comfortable anymore. He got mad at my sister’s dog Lilly for sitting in my lap once.

He couldn’t get in the litter box anymore, so was shitting on the floor, possibly pissing on the floor too, apparently they have to replace the floor in that room.

A vet decided to give him medicine for pain, that cats shouldn’t take. It gives them kidney failure. If you have a pet, lookup the medicine before paying for it. Or consult somebody else. You’d think the vet would know things. Apparently that one didn’t.

I forgot to see him before he died. The last day I had to do so, I forgot. That shows how much I care, apparently I don’t. I was playing with Bodhi, apparently he wanted me to play non stop. Not sure seeing him would do any good though, doesn’t sound like he was doing too good.

Oh I think I might have had a dream, about saying goodbye to Chairman Meow. Hard to say, I barely remember some dreams.