That may have been stupid

Got angry and possibly depressed, and canceled my BuyVM server. Luckily, I forgot to pay it early anyways. So didn’t lose much money.

Didn’t want to manage it anyways. Now if the server gets hacked it’s their problem.

But speaking of hacked, the first host I tried, my site came hacked. I didn’t do anything, except point the DNS to it, confused to why it was getting a 500 internal server error.

This host only has servers in Texas in the US. So we’ll see how long my site remains online, republicans claim republicans allow freedom of speech, not if it’s insulting republicans. Trump went after an app because he got butt hurt.

I should have just got their Germany location, but when World War 3 starts, it might be impossible to access anything outside the US.

I would have went with SmallWeb, but their uptime link is dead. The host I went with is ExtraVM. And I could have saved 25% off the first month, oh well. I had to request SSH access. My key wasn’t working, probably a permission problem, I just deleted the .ssh folder I created, and used ssh-copy-id.

Only 10 GB of space, it’s the cheapest plan. So no more videos on my other blog, unless they are tiny. I could upload the videos somewhere else, but that’s too much work, and I hate YouToot.

I also hate cPanel, the reason I didn’t go with some other host, they also have a limit on the number of domains, ExtraVM doesn’t. I’ve never used this control panel before.

No recent backup for my paranormal site, so I may do nothing with it. I might have an old backup. But WordPress is a pain. They won’t suspend for resource abuse, if it’s all static, hopefully.

Yes, a VPS would be cheaper, but you get to manage the server. No thanks. I’d rather sit around and watch TV, then manage a server.

I won’t name the other host, I have no idea what happened. If my account somehow got hacked instantly, or their server is hacked. I used my Duck email, didn’t use that on ExtraVM.

All the other domains I added, also hacked on that host. I suspect the server was compromised. And every new site, gets that PHP file manager crap. After I saw it, I removed the domain pointer to their server, and canceled it. They surprisingly gave me a refund, it was cheap, so wasn’t expecting a refund. That’s never happened to me, that I signed up for hosting, and it came hacked. Hopefully they figure out what happened. I don’t think they are a bad host, anything can be hacked.

And ExtraVM has some bad links too. But I don’t know how much SmallWeb is in US dollars, might be the same or more. So there isn’t really any point in using them. The company that owns it is managed by somebody else now. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. I’m not using GitHub Pages, no idea how, and I don’t think it has enough space. Not to mention, that’s Microsoft. The way I upload my static sites, is very easy. It uses SSH and rsync. I just had to modify my scripts, and it’s good to go.

No Nextcloud anymore, but that’s why it cost over $12 a month.

That means no online backup of my photos. Unless I find something worth paying for. I probably won’t look, I was originally going to use Amazon, but Amazon Drive is going to be gone. Does Amazon Photos support videos too? And RAW files? And can I pay for storage or is it Prime only? I think I’ll risk losing all my photos.

Need to get a NVMe enclosure that can contain two or more NVMe SSDs. Use it for backup. If you buy a cheapo brand, you can get 2 TB drives for not too much. I don’t care about the speed. In that case, SATA might be cheaper, but bigger.

Do they make an enclosure that’s Thunderbolt, but also USB? Not USB 4, desktop doesn’t have that. So Thunderbolt of some kind, and USB 3 of some kind. No hardware RAID needed, I only use software RAID. But if it’s a software RAID, it probably won’t be compatible with Mac mini and Linux PC, one or the other. Since the Linux PC is cheaper to replace most likely, I should probably just get a USB NVMe enclosure. Not to mention, a Raspberry Pi can probably access it. It’s using Linux.