WordPress is fine, if the server is configured right

No more servers for me, that is that needs to be managed by me.

Somehow this shared hosting is faster. Apparently they know what they are doing, and I sure as hell don’t.

Kind of funny actually.

Just use MEGA for your storage needs. I don’t believe in storage providers that offer life time plans. Unless it’s a massive amount, it’s not sustainable. I’d rather pay MEGA, as I know they have a monthly income of money.

Too bad I didn’t backup ParanormalTom.com before canceling. I found an old backup though, so enjoy.

Paying $4 a month for shared hosting is well worth it. You don’t need to be smart, for fast sites. Cloudflare might be helping as well. I had BuyVM’s DDoS protection, which was another $3 a month.

Only one downside, only Cloudflare IPs are in the log. I fixed WordPress, the static sites don’t really matter. I searched for the problem, somebody with Drupal had the same issue, so I added what they said to add but to wp-config.php, now the IP is right.


That’s what I added. The LiteSpeed Cache plugin said not to use Cloudflare plugin, so I’m not. That only fixes WordPress, not the access log. Don’t think I can fix the access log, and I’m too fucking lazy to email them. Didn’t even want to email them to get SSH access. But SSH makes life easy.

The contact form can remain on that site, I deleted it after the backup. I just set the contact form to under attack, maybe less spam will show up in WordPress. It never emailed that junk to me, luckily. Still wasting system resources, every time they submit their spam.

Oh and if you access that site, not from Cloudflare, it should block you. You can do so with .htaccess.

Now, if it was a VPS, or dedicated server, you could make a firewall rule to do it.