Fake social site

I won’t say the site name, but I added a photo, just to see what would happen. And somebody “bought” me as a pet. No idea what the pet thing is, and I plan on not using it, or the site.

How do you instantly get an interaction if it’s a legit site? They just have bots, that auto do crap, to try and trick you into paying money, to talk to bots.

I doubt that many people use the site.

Sally Strong Hand is good enough for me. We are getting married in Vegas. What happens in Vegas, stays in Uranus. That would be Sally Strong Fist. Sally Strong Hand, and Sally Strong Fist, are always fighting each other.

Haha, I ain’t paying that site a dime. I might delete my account though. There’s no way that’s a real interaction.

And you don’t need to login to Facebook to see if you have notifications, it says on the site, before logging in, if there’s anything on it.

I shouldn’t have used a real image on that social site. If that got an instant interaction too, then you know it’s a fake site.

Dating sites have been found to do that. So it’s entirely possible and likely.

If a photo of Uranus gets an instant interaction, the site isn’t legit, even if the instant interaction is banned and deleted. They say no nudity.

Now I need to make a dress for Sally Strong Hand. How do you sew? Easier solution, buy a dress, and cut it for Sally Strong Hand’s size. And draw a smiley face on her. Or make it look like a dick, by letting her middle finger not be covered.

That would be a good photo for social crap sites. Especially spam/scam ones.

The spam may have stopped

They were using an email service to send me spam. I unsubscribed, but the spam continued. I had to make a filter, to mark everything from their domain as spam, as they use at least two emails to send their crap.

Well, I sent an abuse report to the provider they use, and the spam seems to have stopped.

I didn’t create the account on that site. Probably a bot did. Apparently unsubscribing means nothing to them. I don’t care if the account gets banned and/or deleted.

So it’s good to know, if they use a legit email sending service, reporting them to abuse does the trick. I don’t need my spam folder filled with their crap.

On another note, the site that wouldn’t let me use my clits email address, let me use my DuckDuckGo email. I was hoping it wouldn’t, as then I wouldn’t have an account. I probably won’t do anything with that account, like put a photo on there. I don’t think the site allows nudity.

Facebook isn't a dating site?

Apparently not, or at least, not if you have a mostly empty profile, and no picture.

No catfishers will find me then.

And if you ask an AI if they can catfish you, the answer is no. Lies.

Can you catfish me?

No, I am an artificial intelligence and do not have the ability to deceive or manipulate people in that way. It is not appropriate or ethical to engage in catfishing, which is the act of creating a fake online identity in order to trick someone into a relationship or other form of communication. It is important to be honest and upfront about who you are when interacting with others online or in person. If you have concerns about someone you are communicating with online, there are resources available to help you verify their identity and protect yourself from potential scams or other forms of deception.

But one person that tried forcing me to chat with them on Skype, by sending a translation request, is clearly a catfisher. Who else knows about that “trick”? If you click the chat, you’ll start chatting with them.

No Skype installed on anything anymore, you can access it in a web browser though.

The catfisher logged off, so wasn’t on when I clicked on the chat, luckily. Probably somebody from my past that is bored, and thinks it’s fun to harrass me.

I should record the person who revs their engine up, from my window. No idea who or why they are doing that. If I had my earbuds in, I might not have even known. But if you try interacting with me, by doing that, you won’t get what you want. I might move, perhaps that’s what they want. I can only imagine that they are a drug addict. Or delusional, or both. Based on the sound of their vehicle, they probably don’t have much money, so move far away. California should be far enough, and I can get in “Hollywood”. Or is it called “Bonerwood”? And I’ll get fired, for having sex with trans ladies off camera, and then not getting a boner for the video. I’ll be done before they start filming. That’s what happens when you pay me $2 a day. I spent it all on condoms. I eat from a dumpster. I live under the Golden Gate Bridge.

But, at least I grew the “mustache” they requested. If you watch Fairview, you’ll know how I did so.

Yes, I know what delusional is, I am too. I’m also paranoid.

I’d put a picture on Fakebook, but I remembered male harassment. If you put a photo of a woman with a mustache, males will harass you. I find the photo funny myself. And what’s wrong with liking a lady with a mustache?

It’s easy to find the profile, if you saw the email, that was on the sidebar, not the complaints one, it starts with chokesonclits, the rest is easy to find, you just need an @ and a domain. But I think I’ll delete it soon, the profile. Most people have their profile visibility to only allow friends or something to search for it. Good idea, change my visibility, so nobody can find it. And then go to a real dating site, and get catfished.

I’ll keep that email though. I should signup for new sites with that email, and see if I get banned from any, for using such an email.

And that didn’t take long “Email address is blocked.”. I refuse to use a different email. Also, almost no trans groups on that site. The groups with the most users, are for women only. So that site is probably 100% useless, if you are a male. I could use my Duck email, but it’s probably blocked too. Doesn’t everybody have Facebook/Fakebook?

Facebook doesn't care if clits is in your email

Surprised they let me create an account with that email. I don’t intend on putting anything on it, Facebook is in the data collection selling industry, so I give them very little data. And they can scrape my sites and get data anyways.

Probably won’t even put a profile picture on it. Or my city.

Might delete it eventually. But it will piss off some people that hate me. So perhaps keep it blank, just to piss them off.

I assume I’ll get an email if there’s any activity, I don’t intend on logging into it otherwise. And I’m not putting their shitty app on my phone.

Beats Studio Buds, not easy to put in ears

Video didn’t help. Couldn’t hear him though, I did read some of the subtitles, and skip to the inserting them in ears.

One still fell out, of my left ear. Don’t think the noise cancellation is as effective, if you put them in wrong.

They could be in right now. Basically put them in upside down. I think you want the button on the bottom. You should be able to use your thumb to click it.

You’ll just have to brute force em, till they go in right. Good thing I don’t go anywhere, so it doesn’t matter if they fall out of my ears. But the most likely reason for them falling out, is not in your ears right.

Good thing they aren’t any bigger, they wouldn’t fit in my ears.

Perhaps mentally disturbed people aren’t meant to use earbuds, or anything that requires a functioning brain. Or is it my consciousness? Kate has spell checking you can enable btw, it’s better then LibreOffice. If you want to add HTML, no HTML in this post though. Just set remove trailing spaces to never in Configure/Open/Save. That is if you want to add two spaces to the end of a line, to it generates a new line.

The Echo Buds are hard to put in ears too, but I’ve walked with them, without them falling out.

And selfie cameras are useless, for putting earbuds in ears. You could use a mirror, but that requires going to the bathroom. Not sure they really are in right though, are they supposed to be sticking out besides the button? Not looking in the mirror, so don’t know exactly what they look like right now. Going back and forth to the bathroom isn’t worth the trouble. They could make them dumbass proof.

Looks like John F. Kennedy was a Democrat

According to Wikipedia, a shitty site though. So it could be a lie. If you watch the Marilyn Monroe documentary on Netflix, you’ll find out Democrats are just as shitty as Republicans.

Therefore, I’m better off never voting again.

There’s also a book. But she didn’t get murdered, so no the Democrat didn’t murder her. Now, he could have gave her a reason to murder herself, if it wasn’t an accident.

I do know who Jack Kennedy is now though, the same guy as JFK. I’m sure I’ll forget it was his nickname, and be wondering who the fuck Jack Kennedy is again.

They claim they released all documents on JFK’s assassination. I find it unlikely, based on what happened after he got shot. They wouldn’t allow the medical examiner in the state, do an autopsy.

And they may have no such documents anyways, they may have deliberately not written it down, or burned em.

Seeing as the government will cover up their passing around a woman like a piece of meat, they’ll obviously cover anything up. That isn’t as bad as murder though.

Why wouldn’t they let the medical examiner do an autopsy? If they have nothing to hide, they should have let them do it, and should have realized the consequences of not allowing it, what people will think.

The next presidential election, I think I’ll vote for nobody. They are all rich assholes. Voting for whoever is less of an asshole, is pointless, vote for neither instead. Democracy is screwed in the US anyways.

Meike 35mm F1.4 Large Aperture Manual Focus Prime MFT Lens

Still my favorite lens, probably like more then my manual 17mm lens.

I was going to use an auto focus lens today, but couldn’t do it, I love that under $100 lens too much.

Apparently I like 35mm too.

Now if only the flash lit up everything, instead of just the subject. I probably forget even more of what I’m doing. Not that I ever knew what I was doing, I changed shutter speed, didn’t help enough. I think it was at F4.

No intentional dog pictures. You can see Bodhi in some of them, probably not in focus. You need auto focus for Utah, unless he’s in his kennel.

Even wide open I like this lens. I don’t give a rats ass if it’s as sharp as a $1,000 lens. Apparently cheaper manual focus lenses make me happier.

Not everybody came, Jeff is stuck in a hotel, his truck broke down. Grandpa is sick. Older sister’s car isn’t safe to drive, no snow tires on yet apparently.

So didn’t take that many photos.

And I think the photo of my grandma isn’t in complete focus.

I could ask my grandpa why the photos are dark, except the subject. But I’m lazy. Perhaps I’m wrong on the aperture, but increasing the flash power anymore, ruins the photos. That’s the first thing I tested.

Maybe I needed to change the shutter speed even more. And why is 20 longer then 60?

Perhaps I’ll buy the OM-5 next year, don’t need a new Mac mini, 8 GB of RAM is enough, it can do Stable Diffusion. Good for fake selfie photos, can even turn yourself into a woman.

Image not taken with camera, taken with phone, and recreated with Stable Diffusion on Mac mini. You can make better photos with that with the Mac software, more options. Might be slightly faster too.

Can’t share any of the photos I took today, all family photos.

One major flaw, the aperture changes, when focusing, so if you don’t check after each focus change, you might be using the wrong aperture.

Could have been more then F4 at Christmas, like F8 or worse. That’ll screw your photos up.

While taking test photos, to try and figure out what was wrong, I think it was actually going less than F4. Since no electronics on lens, no idea what the aperture is for any of the photos. Some are probably F4 or close to it. The white balance was/is set to auto.

One review might mention that, I forgot. Now how do you lock the aperture so it doesn’t change? You might be able to get a thing for focusing, so you are less likely to touch aperture ring. But I’m too lazy to look it up. And probably too cheap to buy it.

Here’s an image of my hand taken with it.

JSAUX Docking Station Deck-HB0603

It works, but doesn’t let me use 95Hz on my monitor, probably because it’s plugged into a HDMI 1.4 port on the monitor. It can’t do 95 FPS anyways. So I’ll leave it plugged into that port, the Mac mini can have the better port.

The HDMI and Ethernet cable are too long.

Oh and the HDMI cable came dirty. Pretty sure I bought new, now I know why that cable was so cheap, they come dirty.

Beats Studio Buds work with it, doesn’t work with my desktop and a Bluetooth USB adapter, it’s choppy. But works just fine with Steam Deck, without messing with anything. The microphone might be usable with the better sounding profile too.

And since the Steam Deck has a screen, you don’t have to change inputs on the monitor to change the song.

Those earbuds will fall right out of your ears, like a review said. I won’t be using them when walking. Guess I’ll keep the Echo Buds, and use those when walking.

The only game I tried playing is Just Cause 3, it still doesn’t work. Not sure what Proton it’s using, not checking tonight.

I mounted the Samba share, by putting it in /etc/fstab. You don’t need to install or upgrade anything, like something I found said to do. I used the nofail or whatever option, so if it’s on WiFi, it doesn’t hang. You need a VPN to mount it on WiFi. Separated networks.

And why the Deck connects to WiFi when on Ethernet, I have no idea. Well it failed at first, still had old password. Updated the password, so if I play not connected to dock, it’ll connect.

My USB switcher works fine with it, might buy a new one though. Think keyboard lost power, all the lights turned off for a second on it, not sure if the mouse did. Could also be the two port USB hub. Or the keyboard itself, or I suppose dust.

But I want a four computer one. That way I don’t have to unplug the cable from Mac mini and vice versa.

I took another photo with my camera, at f1.4 with a cheap lens. In my boxers. But some people are jerks, so I won’t upload the picture, some people probably send photos to your family. Did all that work for nothing.

Not exactly a great lens to use, can’t recall the focal length. But 17mm would have worked better. But probably isn’t f1.4. And I wasn’t blurry, should have focused on the monitor, instead of Steam Deck. I mostly use manual lenses, because they are cheap, and take photos that are way better then you’d expect for the price. If you give me a sharper same focal length auto focus lens, I’ll still use the manual focus lens.

In fact, I could probably sell my auto focus lenses, and replace with all manual focus lenses. Except you need that for fast moving dogs.

Better image here. Well of the Steam Deck on dock, you can’t see the monitor. And you might want a rear photo of the dock, too lazy to take anymore pictures.

Some people like being cat fished

If you see the preview, on Netflix, for some porn documentary, some guy says he gets relationships he has trouble getting in real life. Netflix shows a preview for anything you go over, and if you don’t move it away fast enough. I think it’s a documentary. Probably doesn’t actually show porn though, so not worth watching.

But all those relationships, are with men. Men pretending to be women, or bored women.

If I wanted to be cat fished, I’d make an AI.

And nobody deserves a real relationship.

My neighbors won’t hear my music anymore, if I listen to music, I’ll use my earbuds. They might hear the TV, until I decide to use the earbuds for that too.

Apparently getting dumped, causes the same feeling as Tonka dying

In my dream, I got dumped. And felt the same thing I felt when Tonka died. Pretty sure I actually felt that.

Who knew a dream could make you feel anything. Then again, dreams can give you boners. Rather you like the dream or not. Apparently dreams can kill you too, as somebody talked through me and told me to calm down, once when sleeping. So if they didn’t do that, what would have happened? I suspect something not too good, like dying.

But I think I’ll stay single. I don’t want to feel that when she dumps me. And she will most likely dump me.

Tello can be had for free

Signup with my referral link, and I don’t have to pay my bill.

One signup is $10 Tello Dollars. Does that mean it almost pays for the $10 plan? Thanks tax. But you don’t need two signups a month, only one. For a while. Two the very first month. It’s around $11 after tax for me, don’t recall the exact amount, so that would leave $9 or so if two people signup.

That’s better then Boost Mobile’s “free” thing. You need their shitty app, and you have to do shit, possibly watch ads, and play games. I’d rather do neither.

So maybe I should redirect all my domains to my referral link. That’s a better use then what they have on it now.

Tello works fine for me, I barely use any data. Calling and texting works fine. So does the 4G LTE, Apple extorts budget MVNOs, so it may never get 5G. I can’t figure out how they get away with all the crap they do. Microsoft didn’t get away with everything they did forever. But politics is all about battling the other side, so good luck. Apple may be safe, as long as each side continues to battle each other.

5G would most likely work just fine on iPhones if Apple didn’t artificially limit it. They want money from Tello. Hopefully 4G LTE never gets shutdown. By the time it does, might be time for a new phone anyways. And if Apple is still extorting people, it may be time for a can and some strings.

But no worries, all electronics may get fried in the near future. Solar storms or something. So who cares. That’ll be a bummer for Apple, and the greedy politicians.