Facebook isn't a dating site?

Apparently not, or at least, not if you have a mostly empty profile, and no picture.

No catfishers will find me then.

And if you ask an AI if they can catfish you, the answer is no. Lies.

Can you catfish me?

No, I am an artificial intelligence and do not have the ability to deceive or manipulate people in that way. It is not appropriate or ethical to engage in catfishing, which is the act of creating a fake online identity in order to trick someone into a relationship or other form of communication. It is important to be honest and upfront about who you are when interacting with others online or in person. If you have concerns about someone you are communicating with online, there are resources available to help you verify their identity and protect yourself from potential scams or other forms of deception.

But one person that tried forcing me to chat with them on Skype, by sending a translation request, is clearly a catfisher. Who else knows about that “trick”? If you click the chat, you’ll start chatting with them.

No Skype installed on anything anymore, you can access it in a web browser though.

The catfisher logged off, so wasn’t on when I clicked on the chat, luckily. Probably somebody from my past that is bored, and thinks it’s fun to harrass me.

I should record the person who revs their engine up, from my window. No idea who or why they are doing that. If I had my earbuds in, I might not have even known. But if you try interacting with me, by doing that, you won’t get what you want. I might move, perhaps that’s what they want. I can only imagine that they are a drug addict. Or delusional, or both. Based on the sound of their vehicle, they probably don’t have much money, so move far away. California should be far enough, and I can get in “Hollywood”. Or is it called “Bonerwood”? And I’ll get fired, for having sex with trans ladies off camera, and then not getting a boner for the video. I’ll be done before they start filming. That’s what happens when you pay me $2 a day. I spent it all on condoms. I eat from a dumpster. I live under the Golden Gate Bridge.

But, at least I grew the “mustache” they requested. If you watch Fairview, you’ll know how I did so.

Yes, I know what delusional is, I am too. I’m also paranoid.

I’d put a picture on Fakebook, but I remembered male harassment. If you put a photo of a woman with a mustache, males will harass you. I find the photo funny myself. And what’s wrong with liking a lady with a mustache?

It’s easy to find the profile, if you saw the email, that was on the sidebar, not the complaints one, it starts with chokesonclits, the rest is easy to find, you just need an @ and a domain. But I think I’ll delete it soon, the profile. Most people have their profile visibility to only allow friends or something to search for it. Good idea, change my visibility, so nobody can find it. And then go to a real dating site, and get catfished.

I’ll keep that email though. I should signup for new sites with that email, and see if I get banned from any, for using such an email.

And that didn’t take long “Email address is blocked.”. I refuse to use a different email. Also, almost no trans groups on that site. The groups with the most users, are for women only. So that site is probably 100% useless, if you are a male. I could use my Duck email, but it’s probably blocked too. Doesn’t everybody have Facebook/Fakebook?