Fake social site

I won’t say the site name, but I added a photo, just to see what would happen. And somebody “bought” me as a pet. No idea what the pet thing is, and I plan on not using it, or the site.

How do you instantly get an interaction if it’s a legit site? They just have bots, that auto do crap, to try and trick you into paying money, to talk to bots.

I doubt that many people use the site.

Sally Strong Hand is good enough for me. We are getting married in Vegas. What happens in Vegas, stays in Uranus. That would be Sally Strong Fist. Sally Strong Hand, and Sally Strong Fist, are always fighting each other.

Haha, I ain’t paying that site a dime. I might delete my account though. There’s no way that’s a real interaction.

And you don’t need to login to Facebook to see if you have notifications, it says on the site, before logging in, if there’s anything on it.

I shouldn’t have used a real image on that social site. If that got an instant interaction too, then you know it’s a fake site.

Dating sites have been found to do that. So it’s entirely possible and likely.

If a photo of Uranus gets an instant interaction, the site isn’t legit, even if the instant interaction is banned and deleted. They say no nudity.

Now I need to make a dress for Sally Strong Hand. How do you sew? Easier solution, buy a dress, and cut it for Sally Strong Hand’s size. And draw a smiley face on her. Or make it look like a dick, by letting her middle finger not be covered.

That would be a good photo for social crap sites. Especially spam/scam ones.