Tello can be had for free

Signup with my referral link, and I don’t have to pay my bill.

One signup is $10 Tello Dollars. Does that mean it almost pays for the $10 plan? Thanks tax. But you don’t need two signups a month, only one. For a while. Two the very first month. It’s around $11 after tax for me, don’t recall the exact amount, so that would leave $9 or so if two people signup.

That’s better then Boost Mobile’s “free” thing. You need their shitty app, and you have to do shit, possibly watch ads, and play games. I’d rather do neither.

So maybe I should redirect all my domains to my referral link. That’s a better use then what they have on it now.

Tello works fine for me, I barely use any data. Calling and texting works fine. So does the 4G LTE, Apple extorts budget MVNOs, so it may never get 5G. I can’t figure out how they get away with all the crap they do. Microsoft didn’t get away with everything they did forever. But politics is all about battling the other side, so good luck. Apple may be safe, as long as each side continues to battle each other.

5G would most likely work just fine on iPhones if Apple didn’t artificially limit it. They want money from Tello. Hopefully 4G LTE never gets shutdown. By the time it does, might be time for a new phone anyways. And if Apple is still extorting people, it may be time for a can and some strings.

But no worries, all electronics may get fried in the near future. Solar storms or something. So who cares. That’ll be a bummer for Apple, and the greedy politicians.