The spam may have stopped

They were using an email service to send me spam. I unsubscribed, but the spam continued. I had to make a filter, to mark everything from their domain as spam, as they use at least two emails to send their crap.

Well, I sent an abuse report to the provider they use, and the spam seems to have stopped.

I didn’t create the account on that site. Probably a bot did. Apparently unsubscribing means nothing to them. I don’t care if the account gets banned and/or deleted.

So it’s good to know, if they use a legit email sending service, reporting them to abuse does the trick. I don’t need my spam folder filled with their crap.

On another note, the site that wouldn’t let me use my clits email address, let me use my DuckDuckGo email. I was hoping it wouldn’t, as then I wouldn’t have an account. I probably won’t do anything with that account, like put a photo on there. I don’t think the site allows nudity.