T-Mobile Prepaid

T-Mobile Prepaid might be the fastest prepaid cell service, if you get good T-Mobile service. You get the same speed as postpaid T-Mobile apparently.

It’s $15 a month for 2.5 GB of data. If you don’t go anywhere, and have WiFi, that’s plenty of data.

Apparently some services the data can become useless if the tower is congested.

I don’t really want to pay $100 for a year of Boost Mobile, as it might not work, and I don’t think they give refunds. So you’d have to do a charge back. Cheap, but it might suck.

Somebody got a bad SIM card number on Boost Mobile, and they wouldn’t fix or replace it. I assume they entered the number right. Maybe not.

If you go with Boost Mobile, read their terms, if they don’t offer refunds, it probably isn’t worth the risk.

T-Mobile Prepaid, you can get an eSIM, no need to wait for a SIM card.

I’d rather pay monthly, so if it sucks, I can look for a new provider.

PureTalk USA has eSIM, but it’s $25 per month. And their customer service might suck.

You don’t want Unreal Mobile, they are owned by scammers now. Years ago, I ordered a data only plan, but it didn’t work, emailed them, got zero response. They took my money and ran.

If you pay with a PayPal Key or whatever it’s called, can you dispute charges on it like regular PayPal? If so, use that when paying for cell service. If they won’t fix the problem, dispute it. I use PayPal Key everywhere it works, my credit union debit card number keeps getting stolen somehow. I get $0 charges, like somebody is verifying the card. I think I’ve gotten a new debit card two times now.

porkbun.com doesn’t let you use PayPal Key, but you can use regular PayPal. No automatic domain renewals for me.

Hmm, that would really piss Boost Mobile off, if the service doesn’t work, or the SIM card number is bad, and you charged back. You’d be banned from that service. They’d probably fight it too. They want $100, and don’t care if you get anything.

Then again, all reviewers could be lying. So maybe Boost Mobile is fine. I’ll just pay $15 per month.

RIP Freki

Older sister’s dog Freki died, got hit by a car.

Not a great way to start the year.

I only saw him in my mom’s yard, assuming her lab was Freki. Didn’t actually go outside, it was the house before the house she’s in now.

I wanted to cry, and I didn’t even know the dog.

I think she let him run loose though. So could have been prevented.

I might be crying in bed. That’s usually when I cry. Not necessarily about Freki, but all the dead dogs, probably mostly about Tonka. Dogs dying reminds me of Tonka dying.